Apex Legends hacked by Titanfall community

Apex Legends players were unable to access the game, following the Titanfall community hacking it in an attempt to get the attention of its developer, Respawn.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero battle royale game, set in the same science fiction universe as the Titanfall series. Apex has two gameplay modes; Battle Royale and Arenas. In Battle Royale, up to 20 three-person squads land on an island and search for supplies and weapons, before attempting to defeat all the other players. The play area shrinks over time, forcing the players to keep moving to avoid finding themselves outside the play area, which can be fatal. The last team alive wins the round.

In the arenas, the players form three-player squads to fight against another squad in a three versus three (3v3) team deathmatch during several rounds, to determine the winner of the match. However, some players recently noticed that they were unable to access either of the game modes.

When a player logs into Apex Legends on their personal computer (PC), they are welcomed by the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), “savetitanfall.com” instead of the usual playlists. Moreover, at the end of each match, an “important message” features on screen, requesting players to visit the same website.

The “savetitanfall.com” website has been online since March 2021, and is designed to draw attention to Titanfall. The Titanfall game has been unplayable for years, due to a plague of hackers who take down the servers and spam lobbies that do start with bots. The website states that the Titanfall community has begged its developers, Respawn, to fix the hacking problem for over three years, but nothing has been done to address the issue. Adding, “Today this game is still being sold, while being completely unplayable. It is time we speak up.”

In an attempt to get the attention of Respawn, Titanfall fans hacked Apex Legends, making the game unplayable. The developer has responded to Apex’s hacking problem in a series of tweets, stating, “We are aware of and actively investigating issues impacting Apex Legends playlists that are preventing players from getting into matches.”

Several hours later, Respawn confirmed that the matchmaking feature in Apex Legends has been restored, stating, “We are keeping an eye on things but we believe the issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience, Legends.”

Respawn has yet to respond to the Titanfall community’s attempt to get his attention.

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