Anime Adventures: Star Remnants

Gamers can use Star Remnants in Anime Adventures to reroll the traits of their unit, though these traits are randomly generated.

Anime Adventures is an exhilarating tower defence video game in which gamers can collect well-renowned anime characters and deploy them to protect their base.

But gamers should bear in mind that enemies head toward the end of the map on a path towards the exit, so it is your responsibility to defeat them while preventing them from reaching your tower.

Since Anime Adventures is a Roblox game, the only way you can play it is on the Roblox platform. When you play the game for the first time, you will only have 1 unit in your collection.

However, you can procure additional units as you progress in the game. You will also collect different items in the game, one of which is a Star Remnant.


You can place units on the battlefield to defeat enemies and protect your tower. It is worth noting that the game has units of different rarities, which determine their damage range. Players can acquire additional units by summoning them via the game’s gacha system.

Each rarity has varied summoning rates, which are indicated in the following table:

Rarity Summoning rate
Mythic 0.25 percent
Legendary 2 percent
Epic 16 percent
Rare 27.3 percent

You can increase your chances by consuming luck potions, which players can only purchase with Robux – a premium Roblox currency. Players can only buy Robux with real-life money.

Anime Adventures: Star Remnants
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Anime Adventures: Star Remnants

When you summon a unit through the gacha system, it may come with a trait. Traits are modifiers that alter the unit’s performance on the battlefield. It is possible that you may not want the given trait for a certain unit.

Fortunately, you can use Star Remnants to reroll your unit’s trait, but bear in mind that you cannot choose the trait you want. This means that the trait your character gets is randomly generated and if you are unhappy with the selection, you can reroll the trait again.

Some of the traits you can discover in Anime Adventures are as follows:

Trait Description
Superior 3 Increases damage by 15 percent
Range 2 Increases range by 12.5 percent
Nimble 1 Increases attack speed by 5 percent
Culling Increases damage dealt to low-health enemies
Adept The unit levels up quicker
Sniper Increases range by 25 percent
God Speed Increases attack speed by 20 percent
Reaper Increases damage dealt to bosses
Golden Increases money gained by this unit by 5 percent
Unique Increases damage by 50 percent, while range is increased by 15 percent. Moreover, attack speed has increased by 10 percent

Similarly to units, Star Remnants are also divided into different rarities and each rarity has a varying summoning rate. The summoning rates for the traits are listed in the table below:

Rarity Summoning rates
  • Superior: 30 percent
  • Range: 25 percent
  • Nimble: 25 percent
  • Adept: 10 percent
  • Culling: 5 percent
  • Sniper: 2.5 percent
  • God Speed: 1 percent
  • Reaper: 0.6 percent
  • Divine: 0.2 percent
  • Golden: 0.2 percent

What are the best traits?

Although all the traits in the game offer your character additional buffs, Divine and Golden are considered the best traits to have in Anime Adventures. Divine increases damage and range by 20 percent, and increases attack speed by 10 percent.

Unique, on the other hand, increases damage by 50 percent, range by 15 percent, and attack speed by 10 percent. Gamers should bear in mind that they can only equip one Unique trait on a single unit.

What are shiny units?

In addition to obtaining units through the gacha system, you can also get a shiny unit. These are essentially rare skins for units and they are purely cosmetic.

This means that you will not receive additional benefits or buffs if your character is wearing a special skin.

How to participate in the gacha system

Before you can summon a unit from the gacha system, you have to procure a special currency known as gems.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to acquire gems, but the most recommended method is by completing daily quests, story quests, and limited-time quests.

Alternatively, you can clear waves in the Infinite mode to be rewarded with gems. You can also complete the story mode stages and in-game challenges to receive gems.

Furthermore, players can also earn gems while being away-from-keyboard (AFK), however, they first have to interact with the Time Machine to get this.

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