Anime Adventures: Farming

In Anime Adventures, players can earn gems and experience points to progress in the game, luckily, there are various ways to farm.

Gamers are invited to collect popular anime characters in this exciting tower defence video game, Anime Adventures. The game’s description reveals that an array of anime worlds have collided and have brought all the villains and heroes together.

Now you have to allocate your units to defeat enemies and to prevent them from reaching your base. Since it is a Roblox video game, you can only play it on the Roblox platform.

All players will start the game at level 1, with only one anime character unlocked. Fortunately, there are various methods you can use to farm experience points and gems, which are needed to acquire additional units.

How to procure additional units

It is important to note that Anime Adventures has a gacha system. This system enables you to summon varied rarities of characters with different summoning currencies, such as gems. Players can earn gems by successfully completing stages of the main storyline.

Once you have enough gems, you can head to the summon department. The units available for summoning reset every hour, so it is recommended that you check which units are available regularly.

All the units in the game are divided into different rarities, where Mythical is the best rarity and Rare is the worst. Each rarity has a distinct summoning rate, so your chances are higher of receiving a Rare unit than they are to get a Mythical unit.

Anime Adventures: Farming

Since players begin the game at level 1 with only one unit in your collection, in order to reach higher levels, you have to earn experience points, and to acquire additional units, you have to collect gems.

Luckily, there are various ways to farm experience points and gems. The first farming method to acquire gems and experience points does not require legendary or epic units, however, you do have to collect Sanji, then you can go to Planet Namak and start the infinite mode.

On the battlefield, it is advised that you place 2 Sanjis near the spawn area, then place another 2 Sanjis a bit further away. You can upgrade these units and complete waves, but it is recommended that you sell all units when you reach wave 8.

You can then let the enemies spawn and allow them to reach your tower. Players will allegedly get many gems once they are defeated. Alternatively, you can complete every story mode level to gain 2250 gems. If you complete them in hard mode, you will earn 4500 gems.

You can also farm gems while being away-from-keyboard (AFK), but you first have to find the AFK Time Machine, which is right next to the Play department in the game. You can then interact with it by holding down the “E” key.

It will teleport you to the AFK zone, where you will generate more gems the longer you are AFK. Many players use this method while they are asleep as they do not have to do anything to get gems.

Anime Adventures: Farming
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How to clear missions

To clear missions quickly, it is advised that you place your units close to the area where enemies spawn.

Doing so will help damage enemies as soon as possible, however, this will not be enough to clear the missions. Players also need to upgrade their units using gold, which is earned after every wave.

Upgrading your units will improve their statistics and the amount of damage they deal to enemies. It is advised that you use more than one type of unit to maximise the damage done to enemies.

Bulmy versus Speedwagon

There are many units you can acquire in the game, including Bulmy and Speedwagon. Though they are different units, both will offer you money while you are defeating waves of enemies. There has been much discussion about which character is the best.

Players should note that there are many factions to consider to determine which unit is the best. Firstly, consider their deployment cost. It costs around 800 to deploy Bulmy, while Speedwagon costs 550.

Bulmy offers you 250 initially, but this will increase as you upgrade her. Speedwagon will initially give you 200, and this will also increase with every upgrade. Allegedly, Speedwagon is the better choice for normal mode, and Bulmy is better suited for infinite mode.

Can you farm gold?

In addition to gems, you can also discover gold while progressing in the game. Though gold may seem like an unimportant currency, it is crucial in the game. You need gold to craft certain items to evolve mythic units.

The best way to earn gold is to summon many characters and sell the duplicates. The amount of gold you will get from selling a character depends on its rarity.

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