Anime Adventures: Farm units

You can acquire additional units in Anime Adventures by summoning them in the gacha system, but you first have to collect gems.

Anime Adventures is a thrilling tower defence video game in which players have to collect popular anime characters and deploy them to protect their base.

Enemies head towards the end of the map on a path towards the exit. It is your responsibility to place and upgrade your heroes to defeat waves of enemies.

The only way to play this game is on the Roblox platform, as it is a Roblox game. When you play the game for the first time, you will get a single unit. However, you can summon additional units as you complete levels and advance in the game.


Players can place units on the battlefield to defeat enemies and protect their tower. Each unit is part of a specific tier, which determines their damage range. Gamers should bear in mind that Mythic is the best tier, and Rare is the worst.

Some of the units you can summon in Anime Adventures are:

Mythic Legendary Epic Rare
·   Broly

·   Akainu

·   Shanks

·   White Hair

·   Future Gohan

·   Levi

·   Armin

·   Diavolo

·   Arwin

·   Gio

·   Agony

·   Bulmy

·   Black Goku

·   Eren

·   Mihawk

·   Kizaru

·   Jotaro

·   Todoroki

·   Genos

·   Piccolo

·   Gaaro

·   Freiza

·   Killua

·   Overhaul

·   Goko

·   Sasuke

·   Johna

·   Vegita

·   Deku

·   Zoro

·   Usoap

·   Tanjiro

Anime Adventures: Farm units
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Anime Adventures: Farm units

Players should remember that Anime Adventures is based on a gacha system. It enables you to summon varying rarities of heroes using different types of currencies. You will earn gems by defeating waves of enemies and the final boss.

The gems can then be used to summon heroes at the gacha menu, but you should keep in mind that the heroes available in the gacha system change hourly. Furthermore, heroes have different summoning rates, which are indicated in the table below:

Rarity Summoning chance
Rare 27.3 percent
Epic 16 percent
Legendary 2 percent
Mythic 0.25 percent

Players can increase their summoning chances by purchasing luck potions, but this can only be purchased with Robux, which is the premium currency of Roblox. You can only purchase Robux with real-life money.

To summon a hero, you can click on the Summon icon, which is on the left hand side of the game’s menu. Alternatively, you can head to the Summoning department in the main section of the game.

You will be able to see which heroes are available to summon before selecting 1 or 10 rolls. 50 gems are used for each summon, which can pull all 4 rarities.

Additionally, you have a small chance to earn a new skin, which does not offer your heroes any benefits, as it is only cosmetic. You can also get a unit with specific Trials which provides it with extra buffs.

Anime Adventures: Farm units
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Evolving units

During the early stages of the game, you will easily be able to defeat waves of enemies. However, when you reach the latter stages, you are going to need stronger characters. Luckily, you can evolve your characters to improve their statistics and abilities.

There are currently only 4 units that can be evolved past their original form. Unfortunately, all 4 units are part of the Mythic Rarity, and they can only be acquired through the gacha system.

You have to acquire a Mythical unit before you can commence the evolve process. But remember that each unit requires a specific item to evolve.

How to commence a level

You can earn gems by defeating waves of enemies in a stage. To begin a stage, go to the play department of the game. In the room, you will find 13 rooms. You can either join another player’s stage or begin your own.

To join another player’s stage, you need to be on the same stage or have already completed it. To begin your own stage, you can step into any of the empty rooms to select the world.

After selecting a world, you can click on the level you want to play. Other players can then join your stage to help you clear the level.

How to defeat enemies

Once you have entered the stage, you will get the opportunity to place some of your heroes. It is worth noting that some heroes can only be placed on certain areas of the map. Each hero’s location will be indicated by green areas.

Your units will automatically attack enemies when they spawn. You have to upgrade your units to increase their strength, to prevent enemies from reaching your tower. The enemies increase with strength as you complete waves.

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