Alchemy Stars Forest Characters

This list includes all characters with forest elements as main and sub-attribute in Alchemy Stars. The forest element characters’ attributes, role, faction, etc. are listed below, so please refer to the table when checking or building a team in Alchemy Stars.

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Forest Element Characters in Alchemy Stars

Main Attribute

Name Role Faction
Paloma 6 Sniper True Order
Hiiro 6 Detonator Illumina
Nikinis 6 Converter Northland
Gabriel 6 Converter Lumopolis
Migard 6 Sniper Illumina
Naroxel 5 Suppoter Independent
Robyn 5 Detonator Umbraton
Odi 5 Support Rediesel Wrench
Louise 5 Support Northland
Pact 5 Converter True Order
Areia 5 Detonator Umbraton
Sikare 5 Converter True Order
Cuscuta 5 Sniper Umbraton
Beryl 4 Detonator True Order
Pasolo 4 Converter True Order
Jola 4 Converter Illumina
Uriah 4 Support Lumopolis
Wendy 4 Converter Independent
Sylva 4 Detonator Northland
Lester 4 Detonator Independent
Clover 3 Detonator Rediesel Wrench
Jomu 3 Detonator Rediesel Wrench
Ophina 3 Converter Northland
Dove 3 Converter Independent
Leah 3 Sniper Northland


These are the characters that has forest element as their sub-attribute.

Name Role Faction
Gronru 6 Converter Illumina
Charon 6 Detonator Illumina
Gabriel 6 Converter Lumopolis
Connolly 6 Sniper Umbraton
Sariel 6 Converter Umbraton
Odi 5 Support Rediesel Wrench
Dayna 5 Detonator Umbraton
Louise 5 Support Northland
Cuscuta 5 Sniper Umbraton

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