Alchemy Stars Converter Characters

This list includes converter character roles in Alchemy Stars. The 5-star characters’ attributes, role, faction, etc. are listed below, so please refer to the table when checking or building a team in Alchemy Stars.

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Alchemy Stars Converter Lists

Name Element Faction
Smokey 6 Fire Umbraton
Gronru 6 Lightning Illumina
Irridon 6 Lightning Lumopolis
Uriel 6 Fire Lumopolis
Eicy 6 Fire True Order
Nikinis 6 Forest Northland
Gabriel 6 Forest Lumopolis
Carleen 6 Water Lumopolis
Bethlehem 6 Water Northland
Sariel 6 Water Umbraton
Genevieve 5 Fire True Order
Faust 5 Fire True Order
Pact 5 Forest True Order
Barton 5 Water Illumina
Nemesis 5 Lightning Illumina
Maggie 5 Fire Rediesel Wrench
Kleken 5 Water Umbraton
Beverly 5 Lightning Lumopolis
Sikare 5 Forest True Order




Pasolo 4 Forest True Order
Joanie Boom 4 Fire Rediesel Wrench
Ms. Blanc 4 Water Lumopolis
Jola 4 Forest Illumina
Wendy 4 Forest Independent
Michenny 4 Water Lumopolis
Ansia 4 Lightning Illumina
Eho 3 Lightning Independent
Unimet 3 Lightning Illumina
Ophina 3 Forest Northland
Pepi 3 Fire Independent
Dove 3 Forest Independent
Tiny One 3 Fire Rediesel Wrench

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