Alchemy Stars Team Building Guide

Team composition in Alchemy Stars is important because each board has a different color combination, meaning you should aim to build your party as a counter for the enemies you’ll be facing.

A good team will include a captain, a dps, one or two tile converters, a healer, and support.

These supports can be offensive supports, teleportation, or movement supports.

  • For your captains, their element doesn’t have to match that of your team, and they don’t have to be a real dps. However, they must have low chain chain combos and deal good damage with their chain combos.
  • Captains in the game attack any tile, so having one who can actually counter the enemy’s element will prove to be beneficial.
  • Basically, if you are fighting water with a water team, your captain can either be a lightning Aurorians or if you are fighting forest enemies, your  captain can be a fire Aurorians.
  • Captains can be flex picks in terms of element, as long as they can deal good damage with their chain combo and counter your opponents elements.

As this is just a general guideline, you can use any type of team building activity you want, as long as it works for you and you enjoy it.

This guide is inspired by Hellbent F2P.

Team Composition in Alchemy Stars

To show how a team can be made, I have made one using the other elements, so if you have the units you can likely copy this one.


There will only be one 6-star, maximum of two 5-stars on each team, and the remaining players are going to be 4 and 3-stars.

Fire Team Building Composition

Starting with the fire team:

  • Brock will pull the enemies
  • Pepi for movement support (teleportation)
  • Faust for tile conversion
  • Uriel for another tile conversion
  • Istvan as an offensive support.
fire team building

Since the Fire Unit deals a lot of damage anyway, you need a dedicated dps, and Istvan’s combo chain is actually pretty good.

Istvan deals this kind of aoe damage with four chain combo, so that is going to be good for your captain chain combo damage.

Thunder Team Building Composition

The Lightning team consists of:

  • Eho for movement support (teleportation)
  • Nadine for healing purposes and mini-tile conversions.
  • Mia for DPS
  • Nemesis for tile conversion
  • Irridon for another tile conversion.
thunder team building

If you have Michael, you can replace Eho with another tile conversion of your choice.

Besides, if you have Michael, you can use him as captain, but if you don’t, then you can use Mia.

Forest Team Building Composition

For the Forest element:

  • Uriah is  the healer
  • Sylva as the movement support
  • Pact as the last tile conversion
  • Hiiro for another tile conversion.
forest team building

Hiiro’s normal attack will be boosted via her dual stances this time around. Hiiro should serve as the composition’s captain.


As Fire and Thunder‘s tile conversions aren’t the best and their chain combo doesn’t have a very good range, Teleportation will help a lot.

For Thunder and fire units to clear more challenging maps, they need teleportation.

When building a team, you shouldn’t over-load it with dps or tile converters. Think about how much dps you use, how many tile converters you use, and what units can cover  your element weaknesses.

You can find many more strategies in Alchemy Stars Wiki.

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  1. You will get only 5 slots out of which only one can be a 6-star character, two of them can be 5-star characters and the rest can be 4-star or 3-star characters. We would advise you to make the 6-star character your captain.

    I don’t have this restriction. I can have a full team of 6-stars


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