Alchemy Stars: Star Crest guide

Star Crests are breakthrough materials for the legendary Aurorians, and players can buy these crests at the in-game store and use it to make their six-star characters stronger.

In Alchemy Stars, users are met with a game menu that has a very clean user interface (UI). Things are easy to navigate, so players might have to do some exploring to see what the game has to offer. One of the features the game offers is the in-game store, which has various items available to purchase. One of the items players can buy in the in-game store are Star Crests. Upon checking the description, players will notice that they are used for breakthroughs.

What are Star Crests?

Star Crests are breakthrough materials for legendary Aurorians. These characters are the members of the silent hunters, and they have Star Crests instead of Solambers. When looking at a regular breakthrough for other Aurorians, players will notice that they use Hearstone and Solambers.

Solambers are materials that a player will obtain for recruiting a duplicate character. However, the legendary Aurorians cannot be recruited through banners. This means that they have a different method in terms of getting their breakthrough materials. Instead, players will need to buy a Star Crest in order to make their character stronger.

How to obtain a Star Crest

The Star Crests are available for purchase in the in-game store. One Star Crest costs approximately 100 stellar gems.

How to use a Star Crest

Since the legendary Aurorians are not recruitable, players will have to use the Star Crest as their breakthrough material. The player needs to open their Aurorian page and choose breakthrough in order to use the Star Crest. The Star Crest will maximize the character’s strength.

Who are the legendary Aurorians?

Once the player completes level seven to 14 in the game’s storyline, they will unlock the Old Seal feature of the game. This feature will allow the player to recruit one of the legendary Aurorians. They are six-star units and are known as the Silent Hunters.

Players can also discover the legendary Aurorians by going to Ilustra, then choosing Personel Intel, then clicking on Independent, and choosing Silent Hunters. Once the legendary Aurorians are unlocked, they have maxed out ascension, which is quite powerful.

Only one Silent Hunter can be recruited, and players can choose between Forest, Fire, Thunder or Water.

Forest Aurorians


He is part of the Lumopolis faction and serves the converter role. His primary attribute is the Fire. The skills the player will be able to obtain will allow the player to change the colours of tiles to get better paths when attacking. The chain combos that Gabriel has will allow the player to deal damage in specific patterns, depending on the number of tiles the player has chained.

Getting Gabriel to Ascension One will unlock their equipment and its corresponding kill. Gabriel will be able to create more enhanced tiles for every six green tiles that they pass through. This is especially useful if the player uses a mono forest team.


In the game, Hiiro is a Forest Unit with a Detonator role. The player will be able to deal damage to enemies in a selected area, with the added benefit of destroying obstacles such as rocks. He also has the capability of converting tiles to enhanced green tiles.

As a Detonator, Hiiro’s job is to be able to deal damage to enemies in a specific range. Once her skills are activated, she can hurt enemies with an area of effect (AoE) damage. She can also destroy objects, such as rocks.


Mythos is a Forest Unit with a Sniper role. However, they use a different system with their skills. Mythos uses Vis, which they acquire through chain combos. In order to maximize Mythos’ skills, the player should create a long path of green tiles.

Their chain combo deals a lot of damage, but one should take note that it will hit the closest enemy. However, once the player has reached level 10 Vis, they should be able to use their active skill and deal damage to a lot of enemies based on their direction.

Other Forest legendary Aurorians include Migard and Nikinis.

Fire Aurorians


Charon is a Fire Unit with a Detonator role. With his active skills, players can deal damage to enemies on specific rows, and it provides a knockback. Not only does this allow the player to reduce the enemies’ health, but players also have the advantage of keeping a safe distance from their enemies.

Additionally, Charon can also destroy obstacles, such as rocks, and he is able to move other characters away with their explosive attacks.


Eicy takes on the role of a Converter. Players are able to change colours of tiles in order to get better paths when attacking. This character provides the player with more red tile options. Her active skill lets the player convert the nearest blue or green tile into red. This is a useful way for the player to get more path options.

Other Fire Units include Frostfire, Jona, Sinsa, Uriel and Victoria.

Thunder Aurorians


Eve is a Thunder Unit with a Detonator role. This character is able to stun enemies, which will hinder their movements for one round. Her main role is to provide damage and clear obstacles that may stop the player from creating proper paths. Eve’s active skill lets her deal burst damage to the nearest enemy. Once they get defeated, the damage continues to the next nearest target.


Warth is a Thunder Unit with the Sniper Role. Her skills will benefit the most when having a lot of tiles that the player can chain in, to get the best combo possible. This character also provides the player with an additional buff called, the Overcharge state.

Other Thunder Aurorians include Gronru, Irridon, Michael and Requiem.

Water Aurorians


Carleen is a Water Unit with a Converter role. She gets a good bonus for being an offensive type of character, as she converts tiles. Her skill set is a mixture of conversion, offense and a little bit of support. This makes her a well-balanced Converter.

Her active skills enable her to teleport to a location of her choice. Carleen has a high damage modifier for this active, and she is able to knock back enemies in that column.


Regal is a Water Unit with a detonator role. He is a very offensive character, who depends on being able to compete chain combos. His active skill, Augmented State, provides a higher damage and a diagonal reach.

Other Water Aurorians include Connolly, Raphael, Sariel and Sharona.

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