Alchemy Stars: Revy

Alchemy Stars invites players to recruit various characters, one of which is Revy, but she can only be obtained through her own event banner.


Alchemy Stars is a popular role-playing mobile game. It takes place in the fantasy world of Astra, where players take on the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race. They need to help civilians defeat invading creatures called Eclipsites. In the game, they are able to build teams of five characters, known as Aurorians. It is important to note that each Aurorian is associated with one of the four elements and possesses unique abilities.

In the turn-based combat stages, players can guide their characters along paths of as many connected tiles of the same element as possible. The characters’ attack powers are able to increase, but it depends on the path length. Characters are also able to activate abilities in order to influence the battlefield. They can heal themselves or other allies, teleport to other parts of the battleground and change tile elements.

It is important to note that the characters are divided into different categories, depending on their rarity. Six-star characters are the rarest, but they are seen as the best units in Alchemy Stars, while one-star characters are very easy to obtain, however, they are not recommended for end-game content.

Alchemy Stars: Revy


One of the characters players can recruit in the game is Revy, who is a six-star Thunder Aurorian. She is classified as a Detonator unit. Revy is a genius in combat, however, she is impulsive, aloof and a poor communicator. Revy is very eager to earn glory in battle and prove herself.

Revy statistics

The following table indicates Revy’s maximum statistics:

Statistic name Statistic amount
Health Points (HP) 9503
Defence (DEF) 1150
Attack (ATK) 3652

Revy skills and abilities

The following table indicates a simplified explanation of Revy’s skills and abilities:

Skill or ability Description

Active Skill: Thunder Roar

This skill selects one of four directions around Revy and launches three thunder waves forward in a three-column range. This deals 250 percent damage to enemies. However, after each thunder wave hits, subsequent thunder wave damage is reduced by 40 percent. This skill can hit up to three times. Players should note that this skill has a cooldown time of two rounds.

Chain Combination Skill: Volt

This skill will deal 135 percent damage to one column for five tiles. However, for nine tiles, it will deal 135 percent damage to three columns. While it will deal 150 percent damage to three columns for 13 tiles.

Equipment skill: Fearless

Revy is able to stack Dauntless Heart. Each stack of Dauntless Heart increases her basic attack by 0.3 percent. It is important to note that this skill can be levelled up. Once it reached the next level, it will increase the basic attack percentage.

Work skill: Prism Focus

When deployed to the Prism Pillar, the Prism recovery rate will increase by 20 percent per hour.

Firefly Keeper

When it is deployed to the Lumina Grid, the recovery rate of Fireflies will increase by five percent per hour.

As mentioned above, Revy can sack Dauntless Heart, which increases her basic attack. At a later stage, it will also increase her Active Skill damage by five percent. Players should note that Revy’s normal attacks can also hit diagonally, which makes her very unique.

However, this also makes her tougher to the user in certain situations. That being said, it is easier to use in others where no tiles are corresponding to the enemies. Subsequently, it makes the game’s mechanics more diverse.

How to obtain Revy

It is important to note that Alchemy Stars is based on a gacha-system. This means that players should roll at the in-game banner system to recruit new characters. The banners are divided into rotating or regular banners, and time-limited or event banners. Each banner requires a specific currency to summon a character: Special Star Flares and Star Flares respectfully.

The currencies can be bought by using another in-game currency called Lumambers. It is believed that it is priced at approximately 300 Lumamber per Special Star Flare or Star Flare. However, it can also be earned through log-in rewards, compensations and events among others.

Since Revy is an event Aurorian, she is only available through her own time-limited banner. This means that players can summon her at a base rate of two percent. However, after 50 summonses, the rates will increase by 2.5 percent per summon.

Alchemy Stars does not feature a pity system for a specific character. However, players who have saved enough summons can be assured to summon a six-star character with the increased rate.


Alchemy Stars is a popular game that is set in the fictional world of Astra. It invites players to recruit multiple characters to defeat nightmarish foes. One of the characters that they can recruit is Revy, a six-star Thunder Aurorian.

It is important to note that players can only obtain her through the in-game banner system. However, she is only available during her own event banner.

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