Alchemy Stars rerolling guide

Rerolling in Alchemy Stars enables the player to roll for the best possible team in order to progress, however, rerolling can only be done through a guest account.

Alchemy Stars is a tactical role-playing gacha mobile game. It was released in June 2021 for Android and iOS devices. The game allows players to build teams of five characters known as Aurorians. Each character is associated with one of the four elements. In the turn-based combat stages, players guide these characters along paths of many connected tiles of the same element as possible.

Depending on the path length, the characters’ attack powers increase. Characters can also activate abilities to influence the battlefield, including changing tile elements, healing or teleporting. Outside of combat, players are able to build up their base and interact with their characters.

If players are unhappy with their current characters, they may want to perform a reroll in order to obtain other characters.

What is rerolling?

Rerolling is a process where the player deliberately uninstalls and reinstalls the game, or bypasses the system by using an emulator. Players do this so that they can complete the tutorial multiple times. Players spend their early premium currency to take a spin or two at the gacha machine.

While Alchemy Stars do not give players the “reroll until you are happy” option, players are still able to reroll for a chance at better characters.

Is rerolling mandatory?

Players should remember that rerolling is completely optional. No player is required to reroll should they get less-than-ideal units. Alchemy Stars is completely playable without the top-tier units; however, players will progress a little slower. Furthermore, depending on the element the player chooses, they may find themselves struggling at certain points in the game.

Reroll step-by-step guide

Even though it is not necessary, players can download an emulator. It is recommended that players download the BlueStacks emulator.

Optional step: Players can choose whether they want to play on the United States (US) server, or the Global server. It is believed that the global server is treated better in terms of free gems and events. The global server is produced in English. However, if players decide to play on the global server, they will need to download QooApp on their emulator or phone. Alchemy Stars can then be download through the QooApp.

If the player chooses to play on the US server, they can simply navigate to the Google Play store and download the game.

Log out

If the player is unhappy with their current team, they can let go of the characters by logging out of the game. Once the player has logged out, their current team and all progress will be lost.

Don’t log in

Once the player runs the game, it will ask them to log in, however, the player should not log in. In fact, until the player is satisfied with their roll, they should not log in. Instead, the player should tap on the person icon in the lower left side, next to the Twitter icon. Clicking on this icon will sign the player in as a Guest.

Global users can choose if they want to play on the Japan, Korean or South East Asia server with fully translated text. However, they can also play on the global server.

Advance to level one to four

Once the player has chosen their server, they can get into the game. Players should then progress through the tutorial until they complete level one to four. When the player has completed levels one to four, they should check their mail to redeem all the gifts.

After collecting the gifts, players should head to the recruit tab and spend their currency. It is recommended that players spend their 10-gold summons on the Mainstay Banner first, and then decide if they want one of the two banner units.

If the player wants a solid fire or water team, the Carleen and Uriel banners are excellent, as both units are potent for their respective colours. However, if the player wants a lightning or forest, it is better to spend their lumamber on the Beginner Summon Banner.

If the player is happy with the team they got, they can then simply log-in and continue to play with them. Despite the recommendations, players should remember that it all comes down to personal preference.


If the player wants to reroll again, they simply need to leave the game or log out. They will then be able to start the process over again. Once the player gets back to the title screen, they can press the sign-out option, which is situated on the top left corner. However, if the player does this, and they have not linked their account, their roll is gone forever.

From here, it is a matter of hitting the person icon and starting the tutorial all over again. The player can progress through level one to four and re-roll until they are satisfied. Once the player is satisfied with their characters, they should link their account.

Players can do this by tapping the settings in-game button, and then click on the “Link Account” button in the lower left.

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