Alchemy Stars Lumo Crystals

You can get Lumo Crystals when you recharge in Alchemy Stars. To buy Lumo Crystals, go to Store and click recharge tab.

You may want to consider purchasing Lumo crystals this early because the game is offering 2x for your first purchase.

Amount Price (USD)
90 Lumo Crystals $0.99
500 Lumo Crystals $4.99
1565 Lumo Crystals $14.99
3130 Lumo Crystals $29.99
5200 Lumo Crystals $49.99
10,500 Lumo Crystals $99.99

Main use of Lumo Crystals

  • They can be exchanged for Lumamber, and can also be used to purcase Gift packs.
  • As Aarkkos mentioned, You can do 2 ten pulls with it at first then you can exchange them in the store.
    • Under Reedem ->Lumamber store to get stars flare or special stars flare.
    • 300 crystals will give you one flare to roll once (10 flare are needed for a 10 pull).

How to Use Lumo Crystals?

Most players don’t know how to use this currency. After your first recharge, Lumo Crystals are used to summon heroes (aurorian).

Check: Alchemy Stars Aurorian List

You will also need Lumo Crystals to convert into Lumamber when you reach to a point where you cannot progress anymore. The conversion is 1:1 so it means 1 Luma Crystal = 1 Lumamber.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Press the “+” button beside Lumamber sign to convert it directly.
  • Indicate how many Lumambers you want in “quantity”
  • Press “redeem” and click yes after the pop to receive Lumambers.
lumo crystals conversion


Is there a limit of how many Lumo Crystals I can get?

There’s none. As long as you can afford to purchase and use your “real money”, you can get as many as you want.

How much Lumamber can be earned from converting lumo crystals?

The conversion is 1:1. So, 1 Lumo Crystals = 1 Lumamber

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