Alchemy Stars: Jane

Alchemy Stars allows players to control various characters, one of which is Jane, a four-star Water unit who takes on the role of a Detonator.


Alchemy Stars is a popular role-playing mobile game, set in the fantasy world of Astra. It invites players to take on the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race. They need to help civilians defeat invading enemies called Eclipsites. In the game, players are able to build teams of five characters, known as Aurorians. It is important to note that each Aurorian is associated with one of the four elements and they possess unique abilities.

During the turn-based combat stages, players can guide their characters along paths of as many connected tiles of the same element as possible. The characters’ attack powers are able to increase, but it depends on the path length. Characters can also activate abilities in order to influence and change the battlefield. They can teleport to other parts of the battleground, change tile elements and heal themselves or other allies.

It is important to note that the characters are divided into different categories, depending on their rarity. One-star units are very easy to obtain, however, they have low potential and are thus recommended for early game content, while six-star characters are the rarest, but they are seen as the best units in the game.

Alchemy Stars: Jane

One of the characters players can recruit in the game is Jane, a four-star Water Aurorian. In battle, she takes on the role of a Detonator. Jane is described as the Witness of Umbraton who is always neutral no matter what. The official description reveals that there is a large number of records in the case that she carries with her at all times.


Jane skills and abilities

Just like all the other characters in Alchemy Stars, Jane has some powerful abilities of her own. The following table indicates the name and a short description of her abilities and skills:

Skills or abilities Description

Equipment Skill: Greedy Judgement

At the base level, this skill increases the damage of all Jane’s skills by 10 percent, for 15 percent of health lost of the enemy. It is important to note that this skill can be levelled up. With every increase in level, the enemy’s health lost percentage goes down. At level 10, the health decreases to six percent.

Combination skill: Intercept

This skill deals 155 percent damage to the two tiles closest to Jane. However, the eight tiles surrounding her will receive 170 percent damage.

Active skill: Final Spectator

Final Spectator increases the damage of all Jane’s attacks by 150 percent. Additionally, it also consumes the lowest Health Point possible. After players upgrade Jane to ascension three, it will no longer have a cooldown period. However, it will also leave a Witness Mark on the enemy. Every mark increases the damage of all water element characters by one percent.

Work skill: Space Design

When deployed to the Bridge, the furniture increases Mood by an additional two percent.

Work skill: Dispatch Boost

When deployed to the Dispatch Office, it will decrease the time with one hour to regain dispatch.

Players should remember that the Intercept skill is most useful when enemies surround them. This skill has the power to defeat all the enemies in a single hit.

Jane statistics

The following table indicates Jane’s statistics for each ascension level:

Statistic Ascension level 0

(Level 1 / level 30)

Ascension level 1

(Level 1 / level 40)

Ascension level 2

(Level 1/ level 50)

Ascension level 3

(Level 1 / level 80)

Health Points 1415 / 2197 2471/3785 4191/5429 6016/7348
Defence 218/336 327/571 625/813 881/1083
Attack 512/848 953/1518 1669/2202 2424/2997

How to obtain Jane

Players should note that Alchemy Stars is based on a gacha-system. This means that they need to roll at the in-game banner system to recruit new characters. The banners are divided into regular or rotating banners, and event or time-limited banners. Each banner requires a specific currency to summon a character: Special Star Flares and Star Flares respectfully.

The currencies can be bought by using another in-game currency called Lumambers. It is believed that it is priced at approximately 300 Lumamber per Special Star Flare or Star Flare. However, it can also be earned through log-in rewards, compensations and events among others.

Since Jane is a regular or rotating character, players do not have to wait for a specific event to obtain her. It is thus advised that they select the recruit button, which is located on the bottom-right corner of their map. In the new menu, they can select Jane’s banner and hope for the best.

The tricky part is that players might need a lot of Star Flares to unlock Jane. However, the required number keeps changing depending on discounts. Players should thus check in from time to time to view the required number.

It is important to remember that the chances of obtaining Jane is 33 percent. Some players can thus obtain her quite fast, while others may have a difficult time.


Alchemy Stars invites players to obtain various characters, which are used to defeat enemies. One of the characters that players can recruit is Jane, a four-star Water Aurorian. It is important to note that she is a regular or rotating unit. This means that players do not have to wait for a specific event to obtain her.

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