Alchemy Stars: Istvan skin

Alchemy Stars players can now experience Istvan’s new appearance, though it does not have an effect on his statistics or talents.

Alchemy Stars is a well-renowned mobile game that combines tactical strategies and role-playing elements with turn-based battles. The game takes place on the fictional planet of Astra, which was invaded by an ancient enemy race, the Eclipsites.

As the only survivor of the Caelestite Race, it is your duty to fight alongside powerful heroes to defeat these enemies. Before you can participate in battle, you have to create a squad that consists of 5 Aurorians, who are the characters in the game.

Each Aurorian is associated with 1 of the 4 elements, namely Thunder, Water, Forest, and Fire. Although there are many different types of characters, you can acquire most of them in the same way.

How to procure an Aurorian

Alchemy Stars features a gacha system that allows players to summon Aurorians of varying rarities using different summoning currencies. The summoning currencies, Star Flares and Special Star Flares, can be obtained by advancing in the game.

There are various banners in the game, and every banner usually features different Aurorians. Keep in mind that some of the banners are only active for a specific period of time, as it is usually a recruitment event. During this event, the chances of summoning a specific, rare Aurorian are increased.

New players can benefit from the Beginners Banner, which allows them to use the premium in-game currency, Lumamber, to summon up to 21 times with a 50 percent discount. This means that 10 pulls will only cost approximately 1500 Lumambers.

Alchemy Stars: Istvan skin

One of the Fire Aurorians you can acquire in the game is Istvan, the Underground Leader of the Umbraton. Although he is decisive and carefree, he is extremely loyal to those around him. Istvan allegedly passed the harsh survival challenge once, winning his current prestige and status.

Alchemy Stars: Istvan skin
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In order to keep players interested and engaged in the game, its developer, Tourdog Studio, adds new content and features occasionally. They recently added a new skin for Istvan, which is known as the Roadside Celebrity.

The costume’s reviews state, “As hot as the desert, as fresh as spring water, a juxtaposition of the modern and the traditional.” Whereas another review said that the costume is shocking and outrageous. Although the reviews vary a lot, all criticism fell away the moment Istvan donned his costume.

Even though his costume is better-suited for a grand hall, he exudes the charisma of a superstar. Perhaps it is the aura of the Shadowlord himself that lends him an extra charm factor.

Istvan’s skills

There are currently 3 images, or skins available for Istvan, however, these costume changes do not alter his skills. The table below highlights Istvan’s skills and describes each one as follows:

Skill Description
Active Skill: Shadowmaster’s Presence When used, a Fire Aurorian’s Chain Combo will be triggered twice in this round. For the second combo, the attack on all Fire characters is equal to 85 percent of Istvan’s attack.
Chain Combo: Shadowlord’s Shock Istvan’s damage is increased, depending on the combination he uses, which is triggered by 4, 9 and 13.
Equipment Skills: Ghost Flame After using a Chain Combo, the skill reduces the attack of enemies that are within 2 surrounding clusters of the unit by 5 percent.

Istvan’s statistics

Similarly to other Aurorians, Istvan possesses an array of statistics, which can have an influence on his performance on the battlefield. Below Istvan’s statistics without Affinity, Equipment, and Breakthrough bonuses are listed:

Statistic Ascension 0 (level 1/ level 30) Ascension 1 (level 1/ level 40) Ascension 2(level 1/level 50) Ascension 3 (level 1/ level 80)
Health points 1475/2296 2632/4012 4439/5740 6357/7756
Defence 188/285 329/493 546/701 773/939
Attack 478/782 2632/4012 4439/5740 2303/2823

Istvan’s equipment

Although Istvan’s appearance and costume changes, the equipment and or weapons he uses do not change. He uses the Shepherd’s Staff, which is a pure golden staff of Viper Twins that features a special design. The Shepherd’s Staff allows flames to circulate within the staff.

Istvan can summon a blue phantom flame that burns everything in his vicinity. The energy released from these flames not only takes down his enemies, but also strengthens the attacks of his allies.

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