Alchemy Stars: Fishing

Alchemy Stars recently introduced the fishing system, which allows players to catch a range of species of fish to become the best angler.

Alchemy Stars is a well-renowned mobile game that invites players to test their strategic skills. The game is set in a fictional world called Astra, which was invaded by Eclipsites – an enemy race set out to destroy the universe.

You can assume the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race, so it becomes your responsibility to defeat the Eclipsites. Before you can participate in any activity that the game has to offer, you have to acquire heroes, otherwise called Aurorians.

Gamers can summon additional characters from the in-game gacha system, and once you have created a squad of Aurorians, you can complete numerous tasks such as completing quests, defeating enemies, fishing, and enjoying the Cloud Garden.

Cloud Garden

Alchemy Stars’ developer, Tencent Games, sometimes introduces new content to the game to keep players engaged and interested in it. They recently added the Cloud Garden area, which is a plain area in the valley that is surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Players can gather a variety of resources in this area, as it is rich in natural resources and items. Once you have enough materials, you can craft different types of furniture that you can place in your home for decorative purposes.

In the Cloud Garden, players can also fish from the Eraveil River, which is home to several fish species.

Alchemy Stars: Fishing
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Alchemy Stars: Fishing

One of the activities you can enjoy in the game is fishing, but you first have to unlock the Cloud Garden to do so. When you enter the Cloud Garden feature the first time, you have to complete a tutorial to familiarise yourself with its mechanics.

During the tutorial, you will learn how to fish, and luckily it is an easy task. The first step is to head to the Eraveil River, which is inside your Cloud Garden.

To cast a rod, players must press and hold the fish button located on the right-hand side of the screen. You can release the button when the rod is at the right strength to perform a cast.

Once a fish has been caught, players can reel it in by tapping on the “Reel In” icon to increase its strength. You have to keep the bar within the green area of the meter to successfully catch the fish.

It is important to note that fish can escape if the bar goes out of the green area of the meter, or if too much time has passed.

In addition to catching fish, you can cast your fishing rod on the Drift Box, which spawns in the river at random times. The Drift Box usually contains useless items, such as tin cans or clams, but there is a slight chance that you can get a gold rarity Turtle from it.

Players should note that the Turtle has no specific purpose in the game and is only used for decorative purposes.

How to unlock the Cloud Garden

The Cloud Garden is a new, exciting feature in Alchemy Stars, but it may be locked for newer players. This is because players have to meet certain requirements to gain access to some features in the game.

In order to unlock the Cloud Garden, players must complete episode 3 of chapter 3 of the game’s main story. This can be accessed through the main menu of the game, but you have to complete the chapters and episodes in chronological order.

What to do with the fish once they have been caught

Once you have successfully reeled in a fish from the Eraveil River, you can raise them in your Wishing Fountain. The fish in the Cloud Garden have no effect on your gameplay and can only be used for decorative purposes. However, players stand a chance to become the best angler by collecting a range of fish species.

Alchemy Stars: Fishing
© Tencent Games

Some fish are rarer than others, which essentially means that the chances of catching them are lower than that of catching other fish.

Where to find different fish species

The Eraveil River contains various fish species for players to acquire, however, each species can only be found at a specific location in the river. On the Northern side of the river, players can catch Globefish, and when they move south, they can find Betta Fish.

Alchemy Stars: Fishing
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When you move South from the Betta Fish location, you can catch Knifefish, Snakeel, and Alaska Pollocks. Furthermore, as you travel further down, you will discover Groupers, Sardines, and Makairas.

Keep in mind that Drift Boxes may spawn at any location, so it is recommended that you keep an eye out for them.

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