Alchemy Stars’ Elysium

Considering that Elysium in Alchemy Stars consists of five stages, each with increasing difficulty, it can only be unlocked once a player has obtained their first Legendary Aurorian.

Alchemy Stars is a tactical role-playing gacha mobile game set in Astra. Players take on the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race, who helps Aurorians to defeat invading creatures called Eclipsites. The game allows players to build teams of five characters known as Aurorians. Each team member is associated with one of the four elements.

During the turn-based combat stages, players guide their characters along paths of as many connected tiles of the same element as possible. It is important to note that the characters’ attack powers can increase, depending on the path length. Characters are able to activate abilities in order to influence the battlefield, such as teleporting, healing or changing tile elements.

Old Seal

Players will notice that there is a tab on their home menu called ‘Old Seal’. However, this option will only unlock once players have completed stages seven to 14. Once it is unlocked, the feature allows players to choose one of the four six-star units for free, with their ascension levels maxed out.

It is important to note that players can only obtain these six-star units by unlocking the Old Seal feature. Players can choose from Requiem, Mythos, Frostfire, and Regal. Once players unlock their first legendary unit, they will unlock the Elysium.

The Elysium

When players enter the Elysium, they will find various information available for this section of the game. In Elysium battles, Aurorians will be enhanced with Star Power, which will grant them more power than usual. When players obtain all four legendary Aurorians, they will unlock the Apex stage.

Star Power

It is recommended that players remove Silent Hunter seals in order to obtain Star Power. Whenever a breakthrough is achieved with the Silent Hunter, this power will be strengthened and will enhance the ability of the player’s Aurorians in Elysium.

The Star Power will increase with 30 units for every Legendary Aurorian unlocked, and will increase with 10 units for each legendary Aurorian breakthrough. This means that Star Power will increase depending on how many legendary Aurorians the player has, and how many breakthroughs they have. The more breakthroughs the player has, the more powerful their Aurorians become, and the more Star Power they will obtain.

The Star Power will provide multiple bonuses to the legendary Aurorians. The Star Power will also increase their attacks by 10 percent, their defence by 5 percent, and their health by 5 percent. Non-Legendary Aurorians will also receive bonuses. However, the Star Power will only increase their vitality by 5 percent.

The Elysium stages

The Elysium has 5 different stages, each stage has increasing difficulty. The easiest stage is the Trainee stage with the most difficult being the Apex stage. Each stage features four Battle Zones that players need to complete.

In each Elysium battle, players will need to defeat a boss, and possibly additional monsters to complete the level. It is important to note that players need to complete all four Battle Zones in a stage to move on to the next stage.

Stage Battle Zone
Trainee Coagulation

Dark Eye



Soldier Metamorphosis



Shadow Banner

General Despair




Hero Extinction



Apex Unknown

The Elysium rewards

If a player successfully completes a stage, they will receive various rewards. Players can obtain Star Flares for completing a Battle Zone in the Trainee stage. In the Soldier stage, players will be rewarded with two Star Flares. The General Battle Zone rewards the player with three Star Flares. While in the Hero stage, players can obtain four Star Flares for each Battle Zone.

This means that if a player completes all Battle Zones in all four stages, they will receive a total of 40 Star Flares. However, players can obtain more Star Flares once they unlock the Apex stage in the Elysium.

There are also achievements which rewards the player with furniture. For example, when a player completes four Elysium Battle Zones, they will obtain a drum set. When a player completes 16 Elysium Battle Zones, they will receive a rifle rack.

Team composition for the Elysium

It is recommended that players look at the Enemy Intel before deciding which units they want part of their team. For example, for the Coagulating Guldur Battle Zone in the Trainee stage, players may want to use a fully water-based team.

However, the great thing about the Elysium is that players do not need to run a ‘mono’ team. Players can thus run any team they want. At some point during the stages, players will need to run a rainbow team in order to complete the Battle Zone.

Even though players can compile their team according to their liking, it is recommended that players use their Legendary Aurorian, along with converters and a healer. Players do not need to use the same element. They are thus able to choose any unit to be part of their team.

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