Alchemy Stars: Drift Box

In Alchemy Stars, players get a chance to catch a Turtle by casting their fishing rods on the Drift Box in the Eraveil River.

Gamers are invited to put their tactical abilities to the test in this thrilling mobile game, Alchemy Stars. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Astra, in which you can assume the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race. Tragically, the world was invaded by Eclipsite enemies, and it is now your responsibility to collect heroes and defeat these horrific creatures.

Before you can participate in the turn-based battles, you have to summon heroes, otherwise referred to as Aurorians, from the gacha system. Once you have created a team formation, you can enjoy other activities, such as participating in the Cloud Garden, joining guilds, and meeting other gamers with similar interests.

What is the Cloud Garden?

The game’s developer, Tencent Games, occasionally introduces new content and features to the game to keep players interested and engaged. They recently added the Cloud Garden activity for players to enjoy, and it can be accessed from the main menu.

Cloud Garden is a plain area in the valley surrounded by mountains and rivers with verdant grass and rich natural resources. In Cloud Garden players can gather resources, craft furniture, and decorate their home. Furthermore, you need to nurture a unique tree by buying unique tree seeds from the store located in the garden.

Players also have the opportunity to fish in the Eraveil River, which is home to a distinctive fish species. It is worth noting that you can invite Aurorians to check-in and to increase their Affinity.

Alchemy Stars: Drift Box
© Tencent Games

Alchemy Stars: Drift Box

As previously mentioned, players can catch various fish from the Eraveil River located in the Cloud Garden. Once you have caught fish, you can raise them in the Wishing Fountain and endeavour to be the best angler.

It is worth noting that players can catch other items from the Eraveil River as well. One of these items is a Drift Box, which spawns at a random time. The Drift Box is located in the river and it is recommended that players catch the box with their fishing rod as it may be opened.

The Drift Box generally contains metal tins and clams, which do not serve any specific purpose in the game. However, players that are lucky may receive a Turtle from the Drift Box. Receiving a Turtle is extremely rare as it is randomly generated.

This means that there is no specific activity or feature that triggers the spawn of a Turtle. Players should fish on the Drift Box in their river until they get a Turtle. That being said, the Turtle does not have a specific purpose in the game, and it can only be used for decorative purposes.

Alchemy Stars: Drift Box
© Tencent Games

How to fish

Players must complete a fishing tutorial when they step into the Cloud Garden for the first time. But to refresh your memory, you have to press and hold the Fish button to fish. Once it is at the right level of strength to perform the perfect cast, you can release the button.

Once a fish has been caught, you need to reel it in by tapping the Reel in button to increase its strength. Players have to keep the strength levels in the green zone to successfully catch the fish. However, fish will escape after some time has passed or if the strength was not provided.

Does the Drift Box disappear?

It is advised that you cast your fishing rod directly on the Drift Box when you have found one in your Cloud Garden. It is unclear what triggers the box to spawn, as this is randomly generated. There is thus no specific requirement or objective that has to be completed for a Drift Box to spawn.

Furthermore, it is unknown how many times a player can cast their rod on a Drift Box before it disappears. You can thus continue receiving items from the box until it vanishes from your Cloud Garden.

How to unlock the Cloud Garden

It is important to keep in mind that the Cloud Garden activity is not available for everyone in Alchemy Stars, as it has a specific requirement. To gain access to the Cloud Gardens, you have to complete Episode 3 of Chapter 3 of the main campaign of the game.

Once you have completed the episode, you can enjoy your Cloud Garden to the fullest.

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