Alchemy Stars Colossus Guide

Colossus is like a mini town inside a huge airplane where you can interact with the characters  in Alchemy Stars. A colossus’s interior can be modified by receiving items, arranging furniture, and changing layout.

You can unlock the colossus by clearing Main Story 1-10. You will be able to open Chapter 1 quickly since it is the beginning and the enemy isn’t powerful.

rooms inside colossus in alchemy stars
Inside a colossus in Alchemy Stars


There are many rooms in the colossus that generate items and resources over time. You should unlock as many rooms as possible during the early stage of the game.


  • The bridge is the most important area in the Colossus as it can increase the max mood within the  Colossus.
  • Increasing the bridge level will increase the maximum COlossus mood.
  • Deploying Aurorians can increase the mood points generated by the furniture.

Lumina Grid

  • Lumina Grid provides Lumina for rooms, and upgrading the room increases the Lumina. Think of this area as the power source of the whole building.
  • It can increase the hourly recovery speed of fireflies.
  • Upgrading the room and deploying Aurorians can additionally increase the recovery speed of Fireflies.

Prism Pillar

  • The Prism Pillar automatically generates Prism.
  • It can also store generated prisms.
  • Advanced Prism Pillars can increase your maximum Prism capacity.
  • Upgrading this room and deploying Aurorians can increase Prism generation speed.

Exploration Office

  • The Exploration Office recovers and stores MS, as well as unlocks more Secret Territory stages.
  • The stored MS reset timer will be synchronized with the reset of the Secret Territory.
  • Deploying Aurorians into it will speed up the recovery of MS.

How to increase your rewards in the Secret Territory?

  • The exploration office can increase the number of text fragments you can earn when exploring secret territory stages.
  • Upgrading this room will not only unlock more secret territory pages – it will also allow you to earn better rewards for clearing them!

Resource Station

  • High level resource raid operations can be unlocked in Resource Station with double efficiency.
  • Unlocks more resource raids.
  • Recover carriers
  • Store carriers
  • Deploying Aurorians into it will speed up the recovery of speed of carriers.
    • When the carrier reaches the max storage limit, it will not recover anymore..


  • The workshop can produce and store Atomic Reagents required for smelting, and allows you to consume atomic reagents to transform materials.
  • Advanced workshops provide larger storage capacity and can smelt high-quality materials.
  • Certain Aurorians have some knowledge about the composition of atomic reagents, so they can help to reduce its consumption.

Starlight Chamber

  • The mysterious power of the starlight chamber can create and store heartstones.
  • The higher your starlight chamber’s level, the larger and higher its heartstone storage capacity and manufacturing efficiently will be, and advanced starlight chambers will also provide you with Star gems.
  • Certain aurorians even possess luminatics that can increase your heartstone manufacturing efficiently.

Dispatch Office

  • This office on the Colossus specializes in sending Aurorians to towns to handle requests for help.
  • You can dispatch Aurorians to provide assistance via the Sand table and earn special rewards in return.
  • Advanced sand tables grant you increased dispatch attempts, allow you to dispatch more teams at the same time, and increase your chances to receive high-rating dispatch quests.
  • Some Aurorians excel at managing human resources, speeding up your dispatch attempt recovery rate.

Upgrading Bridges

Bridges can only be unlocked with Central Plugins. You can get it by progressing through the story mode in levels:

  • 2-12
  • 4-7
  • 6-14

Central plugins are rare so use it wisely.

Colossus Upgrades: Which Building to Prioritize?

This section will teach you what to prioritize, how the mood works and overall mechanics of colossus in Alchemy Stars.

#1 The first thing you need to upgrade is the resource station.

The resource station ties in to your resource rate, which can be unlocked after clearing  stage 1-14 of the tutorial.

resource stages in alchemy stars
These 4 resource stages can be unlocked by completing certain stages in the main story.

Unlocking resource station will open up resource rates, which you can farm for colossus materials, nightium (currency), aurorian upgrade material, and equipment material.

Resource rates have four resource stages:

  • Burning Aesthetics – clear main stage 2-12 to unlock
  • White Night, Black Underbelly – clear main stage 2-5 to unlock
  • Forgotten Snow – clear main stage 1-14 to unlock
  • Tempering Illumina – clear main stage 4-7 to unlock

The late game will be easier to progress if you unlock this stage early.


Using carriers in the resource stage will save you time. You can use it when you need to collect items in a short time, as it doubles the consumption prism, as well as the items available.

  • Pro tip: Save your carriers for bonus stages to maximize your rewards.

Leveling resource station will unlock more quests after level 2. Enhance facilities to unlock high-level quests, giving you more options to grind for your colossus items.

#2 Prism Pillars

The prism pillar can be accessed after unlocking the colossus. In Alchemy Stars, prism is stamina that you accumulate over time.

  • Always collect prisms after you login at the Prism Pillars.
  • Utilize Aurorians with “Prism Focus” skill, since they increase prism recovery by 20% per hour.
  • The amount of prisms you can increase and the maximum storage limit can be raised by increasing the levels of the prism pillars.
  • Raising the prism pillars’ level is more important than generating valuable prisms, since you can generate them more efficiently.
aurorian with prism focus work skill
Always choose characters with “Prism Focus” work skill.

You can also decorate prism pillars like other rooms of the colossus.

#3 Dispatch Office

In Alchemy Stars, dispatch is known as a mission system. Dispatch can save you a bunch of again prisms or stamina with your dispatch mission.

  • Characters assigned to the facility cannot be dispatched.
  • Characters assigned to other rooms will not appear on the dispatch selection screen.

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