Alchemy Stars: Cloud Gardens

Alchemy Stars’ developer, Tencent Games, recently introduced the Cloud Garden activity, through which players can construct various buildings and catch many types of fish to earn rewards.

In this adventurous mobile game, Alchemy Stars, you are invited to put your strategic abilities to the test. The game is set in the persistent world of Astra, in which players can take on the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race. Sadly, Astra was invaded by Eclipsites, a powerful enemy race, and it is now your duty to restore peace to the world.

Players can acquire and collect an array of heroes, otherwise referred to as Aurorians, to help them defeat enemies. In addition to the turn-based battles, you can participate in various activities and occasional events. You can join guilds, complete quests, unlock the Cloud Garden, and meet people with whom you share similar interests.


Gamers have to collect characters before they can enjoy any of the activities and events the game has to offer. The in-game gacha system allows players to summon various heroes using different summoning currencies.

All Aurorians in the game are rated with a star ranking, and the higher their rating is, the rarer the character is. It is alleged that rare characters are the best in the game, which makes them very desirable. The summoning rates of every star ranking are listed in the table below.

Star rank Probability
6-star 2 percent
5-star 9.5 percent
4-star 33 percent
3-star 55.5 percent

Alchemy Stars: Cloud Gardens

Tencent Games, which developed Alchemy Stars, occasionally introduces new content and activities to the game to keep players engaged and interested. Recently, they added the Cloud Garden activity for players to enjoy.

You should bear in mind that you can only access the Cloud Garden feature when you have completed episode 3 of Chapter 3 of the main campaign of the game. Once you have unlocked it, you can access the Cloud Garden from the main menu.

Players can interact with a variety of things in their Cloud Garden. However, you first have to construct something in the garden before you can interact with it. For instance, once you have built a kite rack, you can interact with the kite to fly it.

Cloud Garden also has Garden Dorms, which is essentially a way to acquire passive affinities for your characters by placing them in your garden. Once your Aurorians are inside your garden, you can interact with them. The interactions will be highly dependent on the items you build in your world, and who you have allocated to the Garden Dorms.

While adventuring through your garden, you may discover a random dig spot which you can dig into to receive set items. You will generally get building materials, however, this may also trigger an interaction with a character, which will give you a specific task to complete.

Before you can construct items and dig up anything, you have to procure specific tools. There are currently 4 tools in the Cloud Garden, namely the shovel, axe, pickaxe, and the fishing rod. These tools can allegedly be upgraded to increase their statistics and abilities.


In the Cloud Garden, you will find the Eraveil River, which has numerous fishing locations. Every fishing location has specific fish you can catch with your fishing rod. Players can find out which fish they can catch at a specific location by tapping on a location to see its fishing output.

Players should keep in mind that the fish have dissimilar probability rates, which means that the fish with high probability rates will be easier to catch. The low probability fish, on the other hand, are extremely rare. In addition to fish, you can also catch boots and pearls.

Boots offer players coins, which they can use in the fountain of hope, and you can sell the pearls to acquire a specific currency.

Fountain of Hope

The Fountain of Hope enables players to throw coins into the fountain to earn a reward. The quantity of the coins you throw into the fountain will determine your reward. This means that the more coins you throw into the fountain, the greater your reward will be.

You will generally receive building materials or items that can increase the speed with which you construct things in the Cloud Garden.

Alchemy Stars: Fishing
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Cloud Garden levels

It is noteworthy that you can increase the level of your Cloud Garden by constructing buildings and trees inside the Garden. Players receive different quantities of experience points, depending on the item they are building.

The following table lists how many experience points you will get when you construct a building for the first time:

Building colour Experience points gained
Green 1000
Blue 1200
Purple 1500
Orange 2000

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