Alchemy Stars’ Beryl

The new Alchemy Stars event introduced new heroes, including Beryl, who deals extraordinary damage to all her enemies and takes on the role of a detonator.

Alchemy Stars is a role-playing gacha mobile game. The game invites players to the world of Astra to take on the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race. Players need to help the Aurorians defeat invading creatures called Eclipsites. Alchemy Stars allows players to build teams of five characters, known as Aurorians. Each Aurorian is associated with one of the four elements and possesses unique abilities.

During the turn-based combat stages, players are able to guide their characters along paths of as many connected tiles of the same element as possible. The characters’ attack powers are able to increase, depending on the path length. Characters are also able to activate abilities in order to influence the battlefield, such as changing tile elements, teleporting and healing.

The characters are divided into different categories, depending on their rarity. Six-star characters are the rarest and most sought-after characters, while one-star characters are easy to obtain and very common.

The game has recently launched a new event, Ocean Sovereign. The event introduces new heroes, a new story and lots of free items, such as summer costumes. Players will also be able to obtain new exclusive summer-themed skins for Kleken, Uriah, Eicy and Vice, among others.

Players can also purchase the new Special Event Book. This is considered to be a Battle Pass system where players have to complete several quests and rank up their level to obtain rewards. If players choose to buy the Battle Pass with real money, they will receive additional rewards.

The event introduces new heroes Fleur, Pasola, Bonacie and Beryl. All the heroes are available in-game, with Bonacie being the free five-star hero. However, players need to complete various quests to gather event points and then exchange the points for Bonacie in the exchange shop.


A Detonator from the mysterious True Order, Beryl is able to deal extraordinary damage to all the enemies on the board at once. She forms part of the Forest element, with Fire as her secondary element.

Beryl’s base statistics

The following table indicates Beryl’s statistics with maximum Affinity, Equipment and Breakthrough bonuses:

Base Statistics Statistics amount
Attack (ATK) 3392
Defense (DEF) 1440
Vitality (HP) 10015

Beryl’s statistics without Affinity, Equipment and Breakthrough bonuses are as follows:

Statistics Ascension 0

(Level 1 / Level 30)

Ascension 1

(Level 1 / Level 40)

Ascension 2

(Level 1 / Level 50)

Ascension 3

(Level 1 / Level 80)

ATK 553/889 1024/1589 1750/2283 2515/3087
DEF 238/371 417/640 649/904 977/1203
HP 1499/2369 2707/4170 4598/5977 6595/8077

Beryl’s skills

Beryl will be able to work in both swarm and boss situations, due to the multiplier on her Active skill. Her Chain Combo skill is also focused on her.

Beryl’s Active skill, Crystal Domain, deals 300 percent damage to all the enemies on-screen in one hit. The fewer the number of enemies on the board, the greater the damage is. Damage can multiply by up to 1.6 times. It marks the current position after this skill is cast. If the Equipment skill triggers the round’s generates crystals, the Equipment skill is also triggered one time at the marked location. During Breakthrough, it unlocks a pre-emptive strike, which is available upon entering combat.

In addition to Crystal Domain, Beryl has a Chain Combo skill, Hidden Bloom. Three chain deals 145 percent damage to one surrounding cluster, while nine chain deals 160 percent damage to 12 tiles in a diamond shape. However, a 13-chain combo deals 165 percent damage to 16 tiles in a radial shape.

Crystal Touch, Beryl’s Equipment skill, can deal between 25 percent and 40 percent damage, depending on the level of the skill. Before the enemy takes action, if Beryl has launched a Chain Combo, crystals are generated in one surrounding cluster around her for one round. When enemies touch her crystals, they take damage equal to 25 percent of her attack. This damage ignores any defences.

However, when players reach level 10 of Crystal Touch, the skill will deal 40 percent of Beryl’s ATK. It is important to note that Beryl has a possible cooldown of three turns.

Work skills

Skill name Skill description
Prim Focus When the skill is deployed to the Prism Pillar, the extra Prism recovery rate increases by 20 percent per hour.
Space Design When the skill is deployed to the Bridge, furniture will increase Beryl’s mood by two percent.


Alchemy Stars recently launched a new event, Ocean Sovereign. The event introduced various new heroes, including Fleur, Beryl, Pasola and Bonacie. Beryl forms part of the Forest element and takes on the role of a detonator. She is thus able to deal incredible damage to all the enemies on the board.

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