Alchemy Stars: Barton Deft Blades

Players were able to summon Barton: Deft Blades in Alchemy Stars during the Lone Vigilante Recruitment event, which concluded on 23 June 2022.

Alchemy Stars is a thrilling mobile game that explores and combines role-playing elements and tactical strategies with combat features. The game is set in the fictional world of Astra, in which you can take on the role of a survivor of the Caelestite race. It is your responsibility to fight alongside powerful Aurorians to destroy an ancient enemy race, the Eclipsites.

In order to participate in battle, players have to create a team that contains 5 Aurorians, who are the heroes of the game. Every character is associated with 1 of the 4 elements, namely Water, Fire, Forest, and Thunder. These elements determine the skills and abilities that an Aurorian can use in battle.

How to acquire an Aurorian

It is important to note that the game is based on a gacha system that allows players to summon varying rarities of Aurorians using different summoning currencies. You can get additional characters by clicking on the recruit icon in the bottom right corner of the menu.

You can use Special Star Flares and Star Flares to summon on a target or on a mainstay banner. However, when you first start playing the game, you can summon on the Beginners Banner, which allows you to use Lumambers to summon up to 21 times at a 50 percent discount. This means that 10 pulls will only cost 1500 Lumambers on the beginner’s banner.

Alchemy Stars: Barton Deft Blades

One of the Aurorians you can get in the game is Barton: Deft Blades, who is a 6-star Forest and Thunder elemental character. On the battlefield, he assumes the role of a Detonator, which implies that he deals astonishing amounts of damage to his enemies.

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Barton is the legion commander of Illumina Federation. He is described as a warmonger who cannot stand the monotony of peacetime and tries to win at any cost. However, after using the Chrd Link device, though the appearance and abilities of the commander have changed, he remains a warmonger at heart.

Barton possesses powerful skills, like other Aurorians, which are outlined as follows:

Skill Description
Active Skill: Dual Blade Advent Barton consumes 20 Lone Energy before entering the Lone State in the current round. This increases his Chain Combination range and damage. At the end of the round, if the remaining Lone Energy is no less than 10, it will be halved and retain Lone State in the next round.
Chain Skill: Panther’s Prowl The chain skill activates at 2, 8, and 13 tiles. During the normal state, Barton gains Lone Energy and deals damage to enemies. During the Lone State, the damage dealt to enemies is increased.
Equipment Skill: Solitary Courage Barton’s normal attacks can target enemies on diagonal tiles. When in Lone State, his normal attacks deal damage to 1 surrounding cluster, and non-target tiles take 40 percent of normal damage

In addition to the above-mentioned abilities, Barton has 2 work skills, namely Simulation Proficiency and Space Design. Simulation Proficiency reduces the Data Disk compilation time by an hour when Barton is in the simulation room. Space Design increases his Mood by 2 percent when he is deployed to the Bridge.

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Is Barton: Deft Blades limited edition?

As previously mentioned, players can recruit additional Aurorians through the in-game gacha system. That being said, some of the banners and Aurorians are limited edition, which indicates that they are only active for a certain period of time.

Barton: Deft Blades was only available for summoning during the Lone Vigilante Recruitment event, which commenced on 2 June 2022 and concluded on 23 June 2022. During this time, Barton: Deft Blades was available from the recruitment banner. Players had a 50 percent chance of obtaining Barton by summoning on the specific banner.

Players should note that Barton: Deft Blades will not be available from other recruitment banners. Thus, it is unclear if he will be available for summoning in the future, as he is a limited edition Aurorian.

Can Barton: Deft Blades be Ascended?

Even though Barton: Deft Blades is a limited edition Aurorian, he can go through the Ascension process. Once he has reached his maximum level, players can start the Ascension process.

All Aurorians start from Ascend 0, and the maximum level is 30. Based on the rarity of the Aurorian, they can ascend up to three times. Since Barton: Deft Blades is a 6-star Aurorian, he can be ascended 3 times. The third Ascension unlocks his alternative arts, otherwise known as Ascended Arts.

What are the current recruitment banners?

Since Barton: Deft Blades’ banner has concluded, the game has introduced new recruitment banners The table below highlights the current banners:

Time active Name Description
23 June 2022 till 4 July 2022 Illusory Cloudburst Recruitment Players have an increased chance of recruiting Nina and Sanae during this event period
21 June 2022 till 28 June 2022 Rotating recruitment You have an increased chance of recruiting Barbara, Cuscuta, and Luke
23 June 2022 till 30 June 2022 Fire Targeted recruitment Players have an increased chance of recruiting Fire Aurorians during this period

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