Alchemia Story: Best armor

All the armor in Alchemia Story has been divided into different star ratings according to their strength, which makes 4-star armor the best in the game.


Alchemia Story is a popular, massive multiplayer online mobile game set in a world where magic meets alchemy. You are invited to create your own avatar before exploring the fictional realm, in which you have to defeat the Maou and discover where you really belong.

The game features a unique Your Own Mate Everyday (YOME) system that allows you to create an additional character to accompany you on your adventures. As you explore the field, you will come across a variety of items, materials, resources, and gear. Keep in mind that every item serves a purpose in the game and can make your gameplay easier.

Why is gear important?

Players will receive many different types of gear as they progress in the game, including weapons and armor. Every category of gear has subcategories. The following table lists the subcategories of gear:

Weapons Armor
·   Hand Sword

·   Hand Sword

·   Dagger

·   Hand Axe

·   Bow

·   Hand Spear

·   Shield

·   Hand Axe

·   Rod

·   Tops

·   Bottoms

·   Accessories







Players cannot advance in the game without the help of equipment. This is because you will not be able to defeat monsters and bosses without gear, as you complete quests, you will, in fact, die very soon if you do not have any gear to protect you from damage.

Alchemia Story: Best armor

Some of the gear in both categories feature better statistics and offer more beneficial abilities to the wearer. This means that some equipment will perform better in specific stages of the game. All of the weapons and armor in the game are further divided into different star ratings.

The 1-Star category has average gear, as their statistics are not very powerful, but it can still protect your character in early-game. While 2-star gear has better statistics and benefits, however, it can be difficult to acquire. 3-Star gear is described as powerful, and can defeat most monsters and complete most of the quests. 4-star gear is considered the best in the game.

The following table lists some of the 4-star armor in Alchemia Story:

Tops Bottoms Accessories
·   Gerard de Patisserie

·   Dark Rose Cuirass

·   Red Lily Bottoms

·   White Lily Bottoms

·   Chapeau de Patisserie

·   Black Tiara Lily

·   Pink Tiara Lily

How to acquire armor

When you first start playing the game, your character and YOME will be equipped with the most basic armor. Fortunately, you can acquire more armor as you advance in the game and complete quests. Alternatively, you can head to the in-game gacha system to draw for armor.

To access the gacha feature, you have to click on the store tab in the main menu. In the bottom right corner, you will find various options, one of which is gacha. You might have to scroll through the list until you find what you are searching for.

Keep in mind that participating in the gacha costs gems, which you can earn as you advance through the storylines in the game. Alternatively, you can purchase gems with real life money.

Gem costs

It is entirely your decision whether or not you want to purchase gems with real life money, since you will still be able to make progress in the game without purchasing gems. That being said, you will progress faster in the game by using gems. The following table outlines the number of gems you can purchase and their prices:

Number of gems Price
120 $ 0.88
600 $ 4.56
1400 $ 10.55
3000 $ 22.81
4800 $ 36.76
9800 $ 74.89

Can YOME craft gear?

You should remember that your YOME can craft gear, armor, and weapons through a process called synthesis. In order to do this, you need to select YOME’s menu, which can be found in the main menu of the game. The new menu will have 6 different options, one of which is synthesis.

Here you can ask your YOME to craft a variety of items, including medicine, weapons, and armor. Bear in mind that you might need to collect specific resources before you can craft items.

Final thoughts

Alchemia Story is an adventurous, massive, multiplayer online mobile game that takes place in a world where magic meets alchemy. Players can create their own avatar before exploring the fictional realm, in which they have to defeat the Maou to discover where they really belong.

As you progress in the game, you will find a variety of items, including weapons and armour. All the weapons and armour in the game are divided into different star ratings, but 4-star armour is considered the best in the game.

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