Airplane themed party games for adults

There are many games, like paper airplane games, board games, and drinking games, which can incorporate an airplane theme for a party for adults.

Choosing to have a theme for your party can be quite beneficial for you and your guests. Sticking to a clear theme will help you make decisions about the décor, food, and entertainment at the party, but it will also help to make your guests feel included.

A well-executed themed party will also likely be much more memorable and enjoyable than a party without a theme. An airplane themed party is a good idea, because all of your guests will understand the theme and they can participate in it.

Having a theme also gives you a starting point for your decorations, beverages, and food, which are some of the most important decisions you will have to make in order to plan a well-thought out and planned party.

One of the other most important decisions you need to make regarding your airplane themed party for adults is what kind of entertainment you will have for your guests.

There are many paper airplane games that are fun to play outdoors with a competitive group of people, but there are also board games that could reiterate your airplane theme and give guests a chance to relax and socialise.

Moreover, you can put an airplane-themed spin on a drinking game to entertain your guests through the party and to ensure that everyone has a good time.

The benefits of choosing a themed party

There is no doubt that hosting or attending a party when you are an adult can be just as fun as when you attended parties as a child. However, one of the ways to ensure that the party you plan for yourself and your adult guests is an exciting and joyful event is to include a party theme.

A themed party gives your guests an excuse to dress up and let go of the stresses in their lives for just a moment. It also gives you a reason to choose decorations, refreshments, food, music, and entertainment that fit with this theme.

This should simplify and focus your preparation and planning for the party since your decisions will be determined by whether a certain piece of décor, music etcetera, falls into your chosen theme.

The addition of a well-considered theme can also make your party stand out from any other social gathering that your guests may have attended in the past, and it can really help add another level of social interaction and fun to the entire event.

If you know that your guests will enjoy an opportunity to dress up, play along with a theme, feel like a child again, and appreciate some excellent photo opportunities, then having a theme for your party is the right way to go.

Airplane themed party games for adults

Once you have decided whether a themed party is the best way to make your party a memorable, entertaining, and fun event, you have to decide on a theme that your guests will understand.

More importantly, you have to decide on a theme that you will be able to execute before you can start planning all of the elements and details around this theme.

You can find inspiration for a theme for your party anywhere, and the most important thing is that the theme is easily recognisable to your guests.

Whether you work on an airplane yourself, you love airplane movies, or you just want an excuse to wear a pilot’s hat, an airplane themed party for adults can be a great idea.

In order to plan your party around an airplane theme, you need to consider many elements along the way. This includes deciding whether you want to hire a venue or host the party yourself, whether you will make the food and drinks yourself or hire a catering company, finalising the guest list, and more.

Once the more administrative tasks have been taken care of, the real fun of the airplane themed party can begin. The best way to reinforce the theme for your party is to choose décor elements that reflect this theme.

The decision of the style of these decorations is up to you, but there is a wide range of options ranging, from subtle minimalist decorations, like this Lauthen.S Airplane Clouds Garland for $12.99, to silly decorations like these airplane-themed photo props for $15.59.

If you’re looking for something that will really stand out, you can even have vintage-inspired decorations like this EWERW Pilot Knowledge poster which costs $14.99.

You can even add themed touches to food and beverages with things like these Airplane Cupcake Toppers or you can add décor elements to your party favours with these airplane-themed bottle openers, so that guests can remember your party and the theme even after they have left.

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However, the best way to ensure that your airplane themed party is memorable and entertaining for you and your guests is to include a few party games that fall into your theme. Paper airplane games are fairly easy to set up and they incorporate the airplane theme automatically.

There are also a few board games that have airplane-related themes and that are excellent for this type of party. If board games or outdoor paper airplane games are not quite your speed, then you can also introduce an airplane themed drinking game to your guests, which they can play throughout the party.

Paper airplane games for airplane themed parties

Paper airplane games come in many forms and they make the perfect form of entertainment for airplane themed parties that are hosted outdoors. If you are planning on including paper airplane games as entertainment at your party, you should have plenty of plain or coloured paper on hand.

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While simple skill-based games like distance tests or accuracy tests are easy to set up and can be especially enjoyable if you have a competitive group of guests, there are also some printed games in which the score of each player can be tallied up. This way, all of your guests can be included in the fun.

These games can also be turned into drinking games easily if you want to make them more fun for adults. You could make the loser of each round drink, or you could make your guests take a shot every time that they miss a target, but the choice is up to you and your guests with regard to what the punishment or reward system should be.

Some of the most popular paper airplane party games include:

1. Skill-based games

Description These games usually involve a skills test like:

  • Who can throw their plane the farthest distance
  • Who can pop the most balloons with their plane
  • Who can throw their plane through the most hoops
What you will need The supplies you need for your skill-based game will depend on the game that you are playing, but for the games mentioned in the previous section, you need

Where to buy

2. Already printed paper airplane games

Description These games tend to test the same skills as the skill-based games, but they require less effort to set up
What you will need Any printer paper airplane game, such as this throwing target banner, which is available for $.9.99
Where to buy

Board games for airplane themed parties

Board games are an excellent choice for your airplane themed party if you and your guests prefer a more relaxed form of entertainment at your parties.

Usually, board games are also a better choice for smaller parties, as bigger groups may end up having rounds that last too long, which could cause the game to become arduous.

There are various Top Gun-themed board games, like this Top Gun Strategy Game, this Top Gun Monopoly game, and this Top Gun Plot Twist Party Game, which can help you incorporate an airplane-related theme throughout your entire party. The Pan Am Game is also a good choice and can be played by up to four teams simultaneously.

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An airplane themed drinking game

Although pretty much any of the above games can be turned into drinking games, if you would like your adult guests to have some entertainment with their refreshments for the evening, an airplane-themed drinking game can be an enjoyable way to do this.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by putting an airplane-themed spin on popular drinking party games. In this iteration, the host divides a pitcher of beer amongst the party guests.

You then countdown to the moment that all of the guests start chugging the beer from their glasses. Once a guest finishes their glass of beer, they can start folding their paper airplanes or to assemble their airplane model.

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Buy it on Amazon

When the guest’s airplane has been assembled, they need to attempt to throw the airplane into the now-empty pitcher which the host will place a decent distance away. The first guest to land their airplane in the pitcher wins the game.

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