Age of Z Origins: Intimacy

Increasing your intimacy levels in Age of Z Origins allows you to train your own zombie hordes, which you can use in battles.


Age of Z Origins is an adventurous video game that allows players to step into an apocalyptic world. The zombie infestation has thrown humanity into the dark ages. You are seen as the light in the darkness, and you must save the human civilization from doom.

You can survive the apocalypse by raising armies of machines, human soldiers and explosives. However, you also need to revive a civilization by defeating zombie hoards, rescuing refugees, and rebuilding your city.

Players can improve their forces by forming alliances with other commanders from around the world to crush their rivals.

Age of Z Origins- Intimacy
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What is the objective of having different activities?

According to research, having a range of different activities keeps players interested and engaged in the game. Additionally, the various activities ensure that the game does not become monotonous, as it inevitably would if players were to focus on a single task.

It also gives you the opportunity to choose which activities you want to participate in according to your liking. This means that the game can attract a diverse group of people due to the different types of activities it offers.

Some activities will be locked when you first start playing the game, but you can unlock them when you have met the specific requirements. The requirements for unlocking specific activities motivates you to play the game for longer periods of time.

Age of Z Origins: Intimacy

It is worth noting that you first have to perform surgery on a specific zombie named Sue, in order to unlock the Intimacy system.

When the surgery has been completed, the zombie virus in Sue will be under control and she will no longer have killing urges. Subsequently, you will be able to have various conversations with her.

You can participate in 3 stories or conversations with her a day. You can choose what direction the conversation takes by selecting different questions. By completing the daily stories, you will increase her Intimacy Level and build a better bond with her.

Once you have gained enough Intimacy, she will reach new Intimacy Levels. This will increase the army limit for zombies.

Each level also rewards you with skill points, which you can use to unlock skills in the biochemical technology building. This means that not only will you have regular army technology, but you will have zombie technology as well.

Age of Z Origins- Intimacy details
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In Sue’s menu, you will find different tabs, including the Heal, Information, Intimacy and Gifts tabs. You can offer her gifts to increase her Intimacy.

It is alleged that she likes to receive food and jewellery gifts, among others. Players should note that it is, however, not an easy task to obtain the gifts.

Luckily, gifts can be awarded in events and daily activities. But the main way to get a gift is to pay for them in packs. 95 percent of gifts come from the packs, and it is incredibly rare that you will win gifts through events and daily activities.

Are gifts a necessity?

Unfortunately, most players will not receive any gifts by participating in events and completing daily quests. However, you can purchase packs to receive a variety of gifts, but it is entirely optional.

You are still able to increase the intimacy level if you choose not to purchase packs. Please keep in mind that increasing the intimacy may take more time without offering gifts.

How to obtain zombie troops

When you have unlocked the biochemical workshop, you will see that you need to acquire biochemical material to get zombie troops.

Biochemical material is produced from dead troops. Any time you attack or defend, and troops are killed, a specific percentage of their remains go to the lab as material.

Age of Z Origins- Intimacy biochemical workshop
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You will use that to train zombie troops. Zombie troops are not strong until much later stages, and until more technology has been completed. However, they are worth having to help as a meat shield.

Final thoughts

Age of Z Origins is an adventurous video game that invites you to step into an apocalyptic world. The zombie infestation has thrown humanity into the dark ages, and you are now the light in the darkness, and the fate of the world lies in your hands.

The game consists of various activities and systems for you to take part in, one of which is the intimacy feature. Please note that you first have to perform a surgery on a specific zombie to unlock the intimacy system.

When the operation is finished, you will be able to ask her questions and talk to her, which will increase her Intimacy Levels. For each new level you reach, you gain a certain number of points to use in the biochemical technology building, and you can then train your own zombie horde.

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