Age of Z Origins: Infinite Zombies

One gaming mode you can join in Age of Z Origins is Infinite Zombies, where you have to defeat an infinite number of enemies to receive rewards.


Age of Z Origins is an exhilarating video game that invites players to explore an apocalyptic world. The recent zombie outbreak has thrown humanity into the dark ages, and you are their only hope at survival.

It is your responsibility to keep the last surviving humans safe and defeat the zombies. You can do this by raising armies of human soldiers, explosives and various machines.

You can also revive a civilization by rescuing refugees, rebuilding your city, and restoring old buildings. Furthermore, you can strengthen your forces by forming alliances with other commanders from around the world to defeat zombie hordes.

Age of Z Origins: Infinite Zombies
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Why are activities important?

Having numerous activities is said to keep players interested in playing the game. It also ensures that the game does not become monotonous by only having players focus on a single task.

It also gives you the opportunity to choose which activities you enjoy and want to participate in. The game can thus attract a diverse group of people due to the different types of activities it offers.

Players should note that some activities will be locked when they first start playing the game. You will only be able to unlock them once you have met the specific requirements. The requirements to unlock specific activities motivates you to play the game for longer periods of time.

Age of Z Origins: Infinite Zombies

The game currently features 2 gaming modes for you to participate in, namely, Classic, and Infinite Zombies. You can select the mode by heading to your tower defence posts, which are located on your city’s borders.

Please remember that your main hall has to be on level 10 before you can participate in the Infinite Zombies gaming mode. As the name suggests, this mode features an infinite number of zombies that are going to be thrown at you in periodic waves.

Age of Z Origins: Infinite Zombies
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Even though it is very similar to the Classic mode, the zombies will become more difficult to kill as more waves start to spawn in the Infinite mode.

It is noteworthy that it is nearly impossible to win this gaming mode, as it will eventually spawn too many zombies for you to defeat.

This gaming mode is merely there to test how long you can hold them off. You will receive various rewards, the number of which is determined by how long you survived.

Why should you do the Infinite Zombies every day?

You will find various buildings in your city, one of which is the Exchange Store. You can exchange the currency you earn by doing the daily Infinite Zombies for rewards of your choice.

Alternatively, you can save the currency to purchase a specific, expensive item. It is entirely up to you to decide what items you want to buy in this shop.

It is not mandatory to purchase items, however, it is recommended as some items can greatly influence and improve your gameplay.

How to increase your machine’s damage output

There are various methods to deal damage to the zombies during this mode. Players should note that most machines you can use in the fight are influenced by different aspects. The following table indicates the machine’s influences:

Machine Influenced by
Machine Gun Tower Building Power
Rocket Turret Damage Officer Power
EMP Tower Damage Technology Power
Laser Tower Damage Equipment Power

If you want to do more machine damage, it is recommended that you upgrade the corresponding building or person. This means that if you want to increase the Rocket Turret’s damage, you have to upgrade your officer.

How to be successful in the gaming mode

Players should remember that they can place their equipment wherever they want on the map, but this does not guarantee that they will be successful.

It is thus recommended that you initially place machines close to your base and then move forward. You should also understand how the system works and which machines will perform better in certain situations.

Age of Z Origins: Infinite Zombies
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Final thoughts

Age of Z Origins is an interactive video game that allows you to explore a fictitious, apocalyptic world. The recent zombie outbreak has thrown humanity into the dark ages, and you are the only hope they have. It is your responsibility to protect the last surviving humans and defeat the zombies.

The game currently features 2 different gaming modes for players to participate in, namely Classic and Infinite Zombies.

As the name suggests, you will face an infinite number of zombies if you select the Infinite Zombie mode. It is impossible to defeat the zombies as the waves increase with difficulty.

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