Age of Z Origins: Doomsday recovery plan

The Age of Z Origins chapter quests have been fully upgraded to the Doomsday Recovery Plan, and you can earn great rewards by completing its quests.

Gamers are invited to explore an apocalyptic world in this thrilling mobile game, Age of Z Origins. The game follows the story of a recent zombie outbreak, which has thrown humanity into the dark ages.

As the player, it is up to you to keep the last surviving humans safe while defeating waves of zombies. You can train armies of human soldiers, craft explosives, and construct machines to defeat the zombies.

Keep in mind that you also have to rebuild your city, rescue refugees, and restore old buildings. You can advance in the game by completing chapter quests, which have been fully upgraded to the Doomsday Recovery Plan.

What is a quest?

A quest, also known as a mission, is a task in video games that a player-controlled character, or a group of characters can complete to earn rewards. Quests generally feature in role-playing and massively multiplayer online games (MMOs).

Rewards can include loot, which are mostly items and in-game currencies. However, you may also gain access to new level areas and experience points, which are necessary to increase your character’s level and skills.

Video games usually feature a range of quests, namely, main storyline quests and daily missions. In Age of Origins, you can complete the main quests, construction quests, armaments quests, and daily quests to get rich rewards.

Age of Z Origins: Doomsday recovery plan

In 2020, Age of Z Origins announced that the chapter quests have been fully upgraded to the Doomsday Recovery Plan. This is a great way to ease yourself into the game while giving you important bonuses and resource packages.

Age of Z Origins: Doomsday recovery plan
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Players can use these items to accelerate their progress in the game. In order to access the Doomsday Recovery Plan, you have to click on the blue folder, which you can find in the bottom left corner of the game.

After clicking on it, you will discover a list of quests that you can complete. For each quest you complete in the list, you will earn rewards. You can complete the quest by selecting the “Go” option, which you can find next to the quest that you have yet to complete.

Once the quest has been completed, you can click on the “Claim” option to receive your rewards. If you complete all the quests on the list, you can claim the chapter rewards, which are generally valuable items that you can use in your gameplay.

When you have earned your chapter rewards, you will move on to the next chapter, which contains a set of new quests to complete.

Quest examples

Each chapter of the Doomsday Recovery Plan has unique quests for players to complete. That being said, the higher the chapter is that you complete, the more rewards you will get:

Chapter Quest Rewards
Recruitments Start upgrading the Main Hall to level 5
  • 4500 Oil
  • 4500 Food
Develop Technology Upgrade City Wall to level 4
  • 4000 Food
  • 4000 Oil
Full Force Attack Real Combat: Kill level 1 Zombies once
  • 4500 Oil
  • 4500 Food

It is crucial to remember that each chapter of the recovery plan has 5 quests that you have to complete before you can earn the chapter rewards. Completing these quests can take a matter of minutes, however, some quests require more time to be completed.

Can the story be skipped?

While completing quests in the Doomsday Recovery Plan, you can experience parts of the game’s storyline. Keep in mind that you can skip these cutscenes if you do not want to view them. To skip these scenes, you can click on the Doomsday Recovery Plan folder to open a new menu.

In the upper right corner of the new menu, you will find the “Ignore story” box and if you click on it, it will stop showing you cutscenes of the story. Alternatively, you can select the skip icon when a cutscene is active to skip it.


Although resources may seem like an inconsequential feature to some, it is a vital component of the game. This is because you need resources to do basically anything in the game.

As previously mentioned, you will get a specific quantity of oil and food for every Doomsday Recovery Plan quest that you complete.

Oil is considered the most important resource in the game, as it is used for upgrading and constructing your buildings.

If you do not have oil, you cannot construct new buildings and as such, you cannot progress in the game, and food is needed to feed your residents, and to upgrade buildings.

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