AFK Arena: The Frozen Forbidden Land

The Frozen Forbidden Land is a new Voyage of Wonders adventure in AFK Arena, and it features different puzzles for players to solve.

Gamers are invited to enjoy role-playing and adventure elements in this thrilling mobile game, AFK Arena.

It takes place in the fictional world of Esperia, in which you can collect an array of heroes to defeat enemies and clear levels. Every hero in the game has unique skills and abilities to help players succeed on the battlefield.

There are numerous gaming modes and occasional events you can enjoy in the game. Some features may initially be locked, but you can access them once you have met the requirements to do so.

One of the activities you can enjoy is the Voyage of Wonders, which recently introduced The Frozen Forbidden Land.

Voyage of Wonders

The Voyage of Wonders is a series of limited Peaks of Time events. It is represented by a hot air balloon, which you can find in the Dark Forest. In The Voyage of Wonders, players can enjoy multiple adventures, each of which have unique lore and grant unique rewards.

Every adventure lasts approximately 14 days. Players who participate in the adventures will get the same rewards. However, the enemies in the adventure will scale based on your own hero levels at the beginning of the event.

The enemies do not increase in difficulty, so if your heroes grow stronger within the 14 days, the adventure will become easier for you to complete.

AFK Arena: The Frozen Forbidden Land

The Voyage of Wonders recently introduced a new realm called The Frozen Forbidden Land. Similarly to the other adventures, players have to solve puzzles to earn rewards. While progressing in the realm, you will discover several traps, but luckily, you can disarm them with the Disarm Towers.

AFK Arena: The Frozen Forbidden Land

When you enter the realm for the first time, you will learn how to disarm the traps before fighting enemies. If you defeat the mobs successfully, you can step through the portal. It is essential that you remember to open the Golden Chests while you advance in the adventure.

After going through the portal, you have to fight several camps and solve numerous puzzles. The railroads, and cars are part of the puzzle. Players can interact with the Railroad Switch to move the car to the right position on the tracks.

Once the puzzle is solved, you can go through the next portal and open the Golden Chest. Then, you have to go through the red trap before defeating the enemies and collecting loot. Be careful that you do not step on a trap in this section.

If the area is completed, you can go through the green trap, then the purple trap to collect the chest. You can use the green Disarm Tower before going through the purple inactive trap to collect another Golden Chest.

Your next goal is to disarm all the blocked paths in the middle, so you have to use the Disarm Towers. You can go through the portal once the puzzle is solved. After that, players have to go through the red trap to collect the next chest before stepping on the purple trap.

Remember, the carts can help you solve the puzzles if you position yourself carefully. It is recommended that you step next to the cart before you move it to disarm the red traps. You can then disarm the purple traps before you move the cart to the bottom position.

This will open the path to the green Disarm Tower, which you can use to disarm the trap. Players can then collect the Crystal Chest in the center. To complete the adventure, collect the remaining Golden Chests.

How many chests are there in The Frozen Forbidden Land?

It is important that you are on the lookout for Golden Chests while you solve puzzles in The Frozen Forbidden Land. There are 12 Golden Chests in the adventure, and each chest contains desirable loot that can impact your gameplay.

Players should note that there is 1 Crystal Chest in the adventure, and it can only be found in the last puzzle of The Frozen Forbidden Land.


The main reward of the adventure is 3000 Diamonds, but players can also acquire coins, emblems, shards, and Faction Scrolls. Diamonds are considered the most valuable resource in AFK Arena, as they can be used to purchase many things.

The most effective ways to use your Diamonds is:

  • Buying Common Hero Scrolls
  • Purchasing Elite Hero Soulstones
  • Buying Mythic Gears

When is The Frozen Forbidden Land active?

As stated previously, the Voyage of Wonders contains many adventures. After an adventure ends, there is usually a break before the next adventure. It is recommended that players check the Voyage of Wonders regularly to see when The Frozen Forbidden Land is active.

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