AFK Arena: Hero Ascension Priority

You can ascend your heroes in AFK Arena to increase their tier and statistics, however, some heroes should be prioritised.


Players can enjoy role-playing and exciting elements in this popular mobile game, AKF Arena. It takes place in the fictional world of Esperia and you are able to acquire different types of heroes, each of which have unique skills and abilities. You can create several teams of various heroes to complete stages and defeat enemies to receive rewards.

The game currently features more than 40 different heroes for you to obtain and play with. You can obtain additional heroes by summoning them through the summoning portal. Keep in mind that you may acquire copies of heroes already in your collection. Fortunately, you can use these copies along with other heroes to ascend specific heroes.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the procedure of upgrading your heroes’ statistics, tier and level cap. Keep in mind that you have to sacrifice some of your heroes in order to ascend a specific hero in your collection. Every faction and every tier in the game has its own costs.

This means that some factions and tiers may be less expensive to ascend than heroes. The higher tiers and more powerful factions’ costs are usually higher than the others. After you have ascended a hero, all the resources and gears equipped on the sacrificed heroes will be transferred to your inventory. You will thus not lose any of your items and equipment.

AFK Arena: Hero Ascension Priority list

As mentioned above, there are 4 different factions in the game, namely Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders and Graveborns. Each faction consists of their own unique heroes, which are also divided into different tiers.

Some of the heroes in the game should be ascended first, as they can make your gameplay much easier, while others do not play such an important role in the game.

The following table indicates the ascension priority list for every faction:


      1. Rowan
      2. Gwyneth
      3. Rosaline
      4. Estrilda
      5. Hendrik
      6. Cecillia
      7. Eluard
      8. Peggy
      9. Raine
      10. Fawkes
      11. Belinda
      12. Thane
      13. Oscar
      14. Lucius
      15. Rigby


      1. Safiya
      2. Tidus
      3. Skriath
      4. Kren
      5. Skreg
      6. Numisu
      7. Brutus
      8. Dez
      9. Anoki
      10. Warek
      11. Satrana
      12. Vurk
      13. Antandra
      14. Khasos


      1. Eironn
      2. Tasi
      3. Saurus
      4. Kyca
      5. Pippa
      6. Raku
      7. Lorsan
      8. Gorvo
      9. Respen
      10. Solise
      11. Nemora
      12. Kaz
      13. Seirus
      14. Ulmus


      1. Daimon
      2. Fareal
      3. Grezhul
      4. Thoran
      5. Izold
      6. Silas
      7. Nara
      8. Oden
      9. Theowyn
      10. Isabella
      11. Kelthur
      12. Torne
      13. Baden
      14. Shemira

AFK Arena hogan


Special factions

In addition to the 4 normal factions, you will also come across 2 special factions, namely Celestials and Hypogeans. They require less heroes to sacrifice and have a simpler ascension process. However, they require a lot of resources to ascend.

The following table indicates the priority list for the special factions:


      1. Elijah Lailah
      2. Alna
      3. Talene
      4. Athalia
      5. Zaphrael
      6. Orthros
      7. Flora
      8. Mk


      1. Ezizh
      2. Lucretia
      3. Mehira
      4. Zolrath
      5. Mezoth
      6. Khazard
      7. Mortas

Requirements of ascension

As mentioned above, the heroes are divided into different tiers, each of which have different requirements to be upgraded to the next tier. The following table indicates the tiers and their requirements:

Current tier Ascending tier Requirements
Rare Rare+ 2 copies of the same hero with a rare rarity
Rare+ Elite 2 copies of any rare hero from the same faction
Elite Elite+ A copy of the same hero of elite rarity
Elite+ Legendary 2 copies of any hero from the same faction at elite+ rarity
Legendary Legendary+ A copy of the same hero at elite+ rarity
Legendary+ Mythic A copy of any hero of the same faction at legendary+ rarity

Where can you ascend your heroes?

You can only ascend your heroes by going to the Temple of Ascension, which is located within Ranhorn. Keep in mind that you will only be able to access this building once you have completed chapter 1 of the main campaign.

AFK Arena ranhorn

Final thoughts

AFK Arena is a popular mobile game that invites players to enjoy role-playing and adventure elements. It is set in the persistent world of Esperia, in which you can acquire different types of heroes. Every hero has unique skills and abilities to help you succeed on the battlefield.

You can increase your heroes’ tier, statistics and level cap by going through the ascension process. All the heroes can be ascended; however, some heroes should be prioritised.

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