AFK Arena: Eorin Bountiful Trials

The Bountiful Trials in AFK Arena allow players to strategically test heroes, one of which is Eorin, who is a powerful agility-based hero.

AFK Arena is a classic role-playing game that features artistic graphics. Players are invited to immerse themselves in the fictional world of Esperia, in which they can enjoy a multitude of unique heroes.

There are 7 distinct factions in the game, each of which has various heroes with different talents and skills.

The game has activities and occasional events that you can enjoy. It is worth noting that some activities may initially be locked, but you will gain access to them as you advance in the game.

Keep in mind that you need heroes to participate in these features. One of the new heroes you can obtain is Eorin, and he can be tested in the Bountiful Trials.

Bountiful Trials

Bountiful Trials are recurring events that can be found in the Arena of Trials. They allow you to test new or majorly reworked heroes while earning rewards. You have to create strategic formations with the trial hero and 4 others specifically given heroes to be successful on the battlefield.

Players should note that if a hero’s Bountiful Trial begins, that the hero’s Arena of Trials will rest. After the rest, several battle stages in the Arena of Trials become available. You can claim rewards for every battle you win.

Once all battle stages are completed, you can claim the final reward chest.

AFK Arena: Eorin Bountiful Trials

AFK Arena recently introduced Eorin, who is an agility-based, Wilder Ranger character. It is worth noting that he deals burst damage on the battlefield. Since Eorin was recently added to the game, players can test his abilities in the Bountiful Trials.

AFK Arena: Eorin Bountiful Trials

In the Bountiful Trials, you will find 3 sections, namely left, right, and center. Although players can choose any heroes to fight with Eorin, there are some recommendations.

For the left section, it is advisable that you use Gorvo the Indomitable, Aster the Brilliant Flame, Talene the Resurging Flame, and Lorsan the Wind Whisperer.

For the center section, players can use Lorsan the Wind Whisperer, Talene the Resurging Flame, Lyca the Keeper of Glades, and Mishka the Wild Child. Lastly, Lorsan the Wind Whisperer, Theowyn the Wailing Widow, Respen the Windchild, and Nemora, Nature’s Heart, are recommended for the right section.

As previously mentioned, you can earn rewards while participating in the Bountiful Trials. The following can be acquired by collecting all the golden chests:

Reward Quantity
Rare Soulstones 60
Gold (8 hours) 6
Hero Experience (2 hours) 6
Hero’s Essence (2 hours) 6
Diamonds 300
Gold 200 000

Eorin’s skills

Players can test Eorin’s skills and abilities in the Bountiful Trials. Similarly to other heroes, Eorin has unique skills that enable him to defeat enemies:

Skill type Name Description
Ultimate Combined Spear Eorin combines the shaft and the spearhead to attack enemies 4 times. The first 3 attacks deal damage to 1700 percent of his attack rating and the last hit deals damage equal to 260 percent. If the Poisonous Mushroom skill is unlocked, the hits will apply Poisonous Mushroom and Vine Fern debuffs to the enemy
First skill Weakspot Mark At the beginning of a battle, Eorin approaches the enemy that has the highest attack rating. His hits deal damage equal to 260 percent of his attack rating and he applies a Weakspot Mark on the target
Second skill Weaving Standard Eorin’s spearhead attack applies 1 stack of Poisonous Mushroom to enemies. Each stack lasts 6 seconds and it can be stacked up to 3 times
Third skill Stacking Spores Eorin attacks an enemy with his spearhead and shaft 4 times. Each hit deals 190 percent damage. If the enemy has the Poisonous Mushroom debuff, each stack will cause the last hit to deal additional damage equal to 2 percent of the enemy’s lost health

Bountiful Trials formation rules

Keep in mind that only heroes that have been pre-selected by the formation system can be used. All the heroes are Ascended tier and possess a level of 240.

Every hero in the trials uses Mythic tier-1 non-upgraded gear without factional bonuses. However, signature item bonus attributes and abilities cannot be used.

What happens if you do not have the pre-selected heroes?

AFK Arena players can only use the given heroes to fight enemies in the Bountiful Trials. However, you will not be able to use the recommended heroes if you do not have them in your collection.

Players then have to select another given hero which they have collected prior to the trials.

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