AFK Arena: Candy Delivery

In AFK Arena, players can collect the Eorin Candy Delivery badge by entering a unique code on the code redemption page.

Gamers are invited to enjoy imaginative role-playing and tactical elements in this exciting video game, AFK Arena. It takes place in the fictional world of Esperia, where you can collect an array of heroes to defeat enemies. Every hero in the game has distinct skills that will help you succeed on the battlefield.

Like other role-playing titles, AFK Arena allows players to use codes, though it is completely optional. However, the products you receive from the codes can influence your gameplay.

Fortunately, there are other methods you can use to obtain these items, but some features, such as the Eorin Candy Delivery, can only be acquired with a code.


Codes can provide a multitude of prizes and bonus items to help players get stronger in AFK Arena. As previously mentioned, you have to battle different enemies throughout the game, and you need to collect items along the way to help you do so.

Some of these items are easier to acquire than others, and this is where codes come in. The game’s developer, Lilith Games, regularly releases new codes that give players free items, ranging from gold and diamonds, to less common items, hero scrolls, and essence.

It is worth noting that all AFK Arena codes will expire at some point, however, most stay active for approximately a month after their release date.

AFK Arena: Candy Delivery

Lilith Games recently released a new code that can be used to acquire free items. Much to players’ surprise, the new code not only offered players general resources, but also a limited-edition item called Eorin Candy Delivery.

Unfortunately, the official in-game description of this unique item does not reveal its function, or how gamers should use it. However, upon further investigation, players discovered that it can be used in their in-game biography.

In order to use Candy Delivery in your bio, you first have to obtain it. In other words, you have to open the code redemption website and enter your user identification (UID) and verification code. To find out what your UID is, you have to find your avatar in the top left corner of the screen and open the Details tab.

Your UID should be displayed in the top right corner of the Details page. Your verification code can be found in settings, where you will see a verification code category. This code is only available for a limited duration of time.

After entering your details, you will get the opportunity to enter any code. To receive the Candy Delivery badge, you have to enter “zzt0318”. The code will instantly be redeemed, which means you can find the rewards in your in-game mail seconds after you enter the code.

In order to use the item in your bio, you can open your avatar page and select the purple feather. In the new menu, the bottom part of the screen highlights your badges, stickers, and heroes. Players can find the Eorin Candy Delivery item in the “Badge” category.

You can then place it anywhere on your bio page before you save your selection.


In addition to Eorin Candy Delivery, players will get experience, gold, essence, and 500 Diamonds, which is a premium currency. Diamonds are regarded as the most valuable resource in the game, as they can be used to purchase many things.

However, the most effect ways to use your Diamonds are as follows:

  • Buying Mythic Gears
  • Purchasing Common Hero Scrolls
  • Buying Elite Hero Soulstones


Achievements are cosmetic items that you can display on your avatar page in the Achievements tab. Bear in mind that your achievements are displayed by badges and stickers that you have earned by successfully completing accomplishments and milestones in the game.

Players should note that their Eorin Candy Delivery badge cannot overlap other badges or stickers in their biography. Achievements also provide players with the opportunity to earn Diamonds, as completing them generates Achievement Points, which unlock chests.

Active AFK Arena codes

As stated previously, all AFK Arena codes expire approximately a month after their initial release dates. Luckily, the developer releases new codes quite regularly. At the time of writing this, in August 2022, the following codes are active:

Code Reward
talene2022 ·   300 Diamonds

·   300 000 Gold

uf4shqjngq ·   30 Common Hero Scrolls
mievj66yi ·   60 Rare Hero Soulstones

·   500 Diamonds

·   5 Common Hero Scrolls

afk888 ·   300 Diamonds

·   20 000 Gold

·   100 Hero’s Essence

HAPPY333 ·   10 Stargazer Scrolls

·   10 Common Hero Scrolls

·   10 Faction Scrolls

·   2000 Diamonds

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