70s games for a party

There are many games, based on the dress code, popular music, and film trivia and even board games that you can play at a 70s inspired party.

Retro themed parties are popular because they are nostalgic and easily recognisable to most guests.

If you are hosting a 70s party, incorporating party games that focus on the dress code, trivia from the time period, or vintage board games can be a great way to entertain your guests and reinforce the theme.

Why are retro parties so popular?

Themed parties are always an enjoyable way for guests and hosts to dress up and escape from the stress and responsibilities of their everyday lives.

Among the various themes that come up when you are planning your next party, retro themes like the 60s, 70s-, and 80s decade parties are still among some of the top choices.

This is likely because each of these decades have a clearly defined style of attire, décor style, food, music, and films to reference that can awaken a sense of nostalgia in some of your guests.

In other words, retro themed parties are popular because guests will know exactly how to dress, what to expect, and how to prepare for the theme even before they arrive.

70s games for a party

The 70s is one of these “retro” decades that often becomes the central theme of a party. When most people think of the 70s, images of Woodstock, Studio 54, disco balls, and shag carpets come to mind. These are things that make a 70s themed party instantly recognisable.

You can create this same clear mood and aesthetic for your 70s party right from the start, using invitations like these disco-ball shaped invitations, these tie-die inspired invitations, or even these personalised invitations with a retro orange and brown colour scheme.

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As far as decorations go, disco balls or disco ball balloons, music-inspired wall hangings, or retro flowers can help you to capture the feeling and the style of being in the 70s.

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Another iconic part of any 70s theme party and usually the part that gets guests excited to attend it is the dress code. To build on this excitement, you can even have some of your entertainment and games at the party focus on the way that your guests have dressed up for the theme.

However, there are also other trivia and vintage board games that can be a great way to incorporate the 70s theme into your party, while also ensuring that your guests are entertained and feel included in the party.

Games for a 70s party that focus on the dress code

Parties that guests have to dress up for give them an excuse to become someone else for the night and asking your guests to dress as if they were living in the 70s can provide the perfect tie-in for some entertainment during the party.

This can be in the form of a fashion show for instance, or even a disco dance-off or a dance class, as follows:

70s fashion show

Description What you will need Buy it on Amazon
Have your guests show off their best 70s attire and award prizes for the best-dressed guest A runway, stage, or carpet for guests to walk on  

Disco dance-off

Description What you will need Buy it on Amazon
Create a playlist with some classic 70s disco songs and have your guests compete in a dance-off A speaker for the music and some lights    

Disco dance class

Description What you will need Buy it on Amazon
Teach your guests popular 70s dance moves like “The Hustle” and the “Bump” You can teach this dance class yourself, hire a professional dancer, or use an instructional DVD  

70s trivia games for a party

Whether your guests need a moment to recover after their disco dance antics or you just want a more relaxed form of entertainment at your party, trivia games are a great way to get all of your guests immersed in the event and socialising with each other.

You can make guests play on their own or divide them into teams to write down their answers, but make sure you have enough notebooks and pens handy.

Trivia topics at a 70s theme party can range from questions about iconic music and films from this time period, or even celebrity gossip and world events.

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Vintage 70s board games for a party

If you can find real vintage board games from the 70s, this can really help you immerse your guests in the 70s theme of your party.

However, if you do not have access to these real vintage games, modern iterations of games that were popular in the 70s will work just as well, some of which are:

Board game Price Available on Amazon
Battleship $16.99  
Masterpiece $189.99  
Mastermind $16.99  

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