1920s games for a party

If you are looking for party games for a 1920s party, there are many immersive, silent film, and classic party games to consider playing.

The 1920s have many recognisable images and styles, which are often recreated in popular culture and in everyday life.

If you are throwing a party that is inspired by the 1920s, it will be up to you to decide how immersive and interactive you want the games to be during this party and what your guests will enjoy the most.

Why are the 1920s still so popular?

The 1920s is a period of time that is often characterised by jazz, flappers, silent film stars, prohibition, and more.

Many people wonder why this period in history, the so-called “roaring 20s”, has managed to stay such an iconic influence on pop culture, and modern art and entertainment even to this day.

The reality is that the imagery and iconography from this era has become so easily distinguishable that it is easy for the general public to recognise and replicate.

1920s games for a party

As a result of all of these combined factors, the 1920s is quite a popular theme for parties. This time also brought forth the beginning of speakeasies and bootleggers, and the iconic fashions and architecture from this period makes it an excellent choice from the host’s perspective.

In order to capture the 1920s theme for your party, it is important that you make your guests feel like they have time-travelled back into this time in history.

Themed decorations, like these art-deco inspired pieces or these silly photo booth props can really help set the scene at your party.

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Another good way to get guests immersed in a party and to help them let loose and have fun, is to have a few different games as entertainment throughout this event.

If you really went all out incorporating your theme into the party and decorating your venue, it may be best to stick to this intensity and choose some immersive games for your guests to play.

In this case, instead of having a direct theme connection with your 1920s party, the games should make your guests feel like they are at a party that is actually being hosted in the 1920s.

On the other hand, regular party games like bingo and raffles can also be a great form of entertainment and they will require less effort and time to prepare.

A 1920s theme party is also always a great excuse to incorporate some sort of silent film aspect, which can be great fun in a game.

Immersive 1920s games for a party

When you really want your guests to feel like they are living in the 1920s, an immersive type of role-play game can be quite enjoyable.

Playing a stocks and bonds game through the night, where players “buy” stocks throughout the party can be a great way to incorporate this theme.

You can give players pieces of cardstock with the names of made-up stocks on them and the same amount of money to buy stocks on each. The players can role-play as stockbrokers and buy several stocks as they go.

At the end of the night, you can announce what each stock is worth and the guest with the highest value card wins.

Other good options include classic gambling games like poker, blackjack, and roulette, where guests can remain in character while they play.

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Classic party games for a 1920s party

If you want the games to be less immersive, you can incorporate some classic party games and just give them a 1920s twist so that they fit in with the rest of the party theme.

This includes doing a lucky draw for players who could find the most hidden “20” stickers around the venue throughout the evening, or even a 1920s themed bingo game that guests can fill out as the party goes on.

This gives guests the opportunity to socialise and have fun, while also having light entertainment throughout the party.

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Silent film games for a 1920s party

Silent films were an iconic part of the 1920s decade and guests often have lots of fun with games that incorporate this element.

In this case, you can have guests act out scenes from silent films, which can be recorded and sent to them after the party as a keepsake.

You need to remember to have a video camera and tripod, as well as a collection of funny movie props, large cardboard sheets, and markers nearby for these games.

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You can also have guests add their own voiceover over popular silent film scenes from this decade and hand out prizes to the funniest ones.

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